First step of many!

It is about to come and I never thought that it would be possible in such a short amount of time! The entire wait is over and a new exciting chapter is about to start…

Who am I?

My name is Inês Raposo, I am a Portuguese architect who has studied in Lisbon and in Belgium and after University I have worked in an architecture office in Lisbon where I also had the pleasure to work in a partnership with Eduardo Souto Moura architect. After this period I thought it was time to step up the challenge and try something out of my comfort zone. I wanted to emerge in a completely different culture, and also understand a different way of doing architecture. If the challenge is to be set high then the USA is the place to be.

To be honest, I didn’t know where to start… It almost felt impossible, and that’s when I searched about a program that could help me and I found Architect-US and when I met Pati. I thought it was the best program to enroll in because it was all about architects, after meeting Pati and talking with some members of the team I knew everything was possible.

The process…

After signing up to be part of the pool of candidates everything went so fast, I instantly started to get available job postings and to get interviews within an incredible short period of time. By the time of making a choice with a company that Architect-US found for me I could choose a company where I truly felt a connection with the main architects, and where I felt I could grow and learn the most. When I accepted one of the offers in New York, Architect-US simplified the process a ton. They made everything so smooth and easy, and I am truly grateful for all the hard work!

The interview…

The next and final step of the process was the Embassy Interview… was I nervous? Maybe I should have been, but I wasn’t. The preparation that I have received from the team was unimaginable, with a lot of advice, tricks and tips and everything worked out just great. At the time of the interview I connected super well with the people, was super charismatic and smiled a lot, and guess what… the visa got approved. Since I booked the first available hour of the day, by the end everything was ready to be sent.

What now?! It is time to prepare for the big adventure, be immersed in an incredibly different culture and embrace everything that it has to give me. Let’s turn the American dream into a great reality!

Inês Moreira


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