About to fly to New York City

Hi !

My name is Alexis. I am a French student at the Ecole des Ponts Paristech in Civil Engineering, located near Paris and preparing a “Structure and Architecture” double-degree with ENSAVT School of Architecture. As part of my studies, I have the chance to begin a 1-year internship in New York City at Gilsanz Murray Steficek LLP this summer 2022 ! I will be interning as a structural engineer and architect.

To get my J1-Visa, I got sponsored by Architect-US who was recommanded by my firm. Thanks to their support, the visa process went really smoothly. Architect-US was present to help me with the paperwork throughout the process, and gave me good hints to get prepared for the embassy interview, which made things very easy. The whole process went faster than I expected, lasting only for a few months. Sonia Sanchez, my program supervisor, was very kind to me and helped me a lot.

Now that I have my visa in my pocket, I can’t wait to leave for the city that never sleeps ! I am excited about walking through the city and discovering all of its secrets. I already know that the architecture is outstanding thanks to all of its famous buildings and skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building. I have been told that Central Park is an amazing verdent space in the heart ot Manhattan, which I look forward to walk around during my free time.

Finally, I have found a nice room in a french apartment. I have already got in touch with my roommates, and I am looking forward to discovering the American culture with them. I would really love to make American friends too, so we can share our backgrounds and cultures.

I don’t realize yet I am about to live the American dream !

See you soon in NYC !


Alexis D'Herbomez


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