My VISA has been APPROVED today! Thank you ARCHITECT-US!

When I first thought about working in the US I made some research, and I found Architect-US through the COAM website. It looked interesting, so I wrote an email asking for some information, and since that day, they had helped me a lot!

I got the job on my own, but I could tell them since the first interview that I had my own sponsor and that she will helped with all the paperwork so they wouldn’t have to worry about it. Thank to this, they were happy to hire me, because they thought it could be a great experience for all of us and that it wouldn’t involve so much work, we had Patricia to help us! 

This was October 7th! After that, Patricia reached them and prepared all the documents, and answered my one million questions! Today, November 21st, I had the interview at the Embassy and I am able to say that I have got my VISA approved! My US experience started in one month and a half and I will recommend all of you to do the same.

I want to thank you Patricia and Architect US for all the help! I hope that this entry will encourage anyone with doubts to try this program!

Best regards and good luck!


Carmela Hera


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