First month in New York
Colton Duke

First month in New York with Architect-US

It’s already been more than a month since I moved to NYC and started a new job. The first month in New York has been so intense and went by really fast. Between unpacking, searching for a more permanent place to stay, packing and moving again, experiencing the first snow of the year, getting used to NYC subway system and long hours at work, remembering all the new co-workers’ names, there was not much time left to think!

During my first month in New York, I’ve had a chance to experience my first Thanksgiving. It turns out to be America’s favorite holiday – it is not tied to any religion and there’s a lot of food involved! I was invited to a traditional dinner with an American family and that was a truly impressive experience.

After Thanksgiving, the holiday season madness started. The whole city suddenly became decorated in festive lights inviting people to shop for presents. Even though it is beautiful and enchanting in its own way, I’m not very fond of consumerism culture.

So instead, I visited a few pop-up market events promoting local artists and makers. Those events are usually held on weekends and take place at interesting spaces and venues around the city. That’s also a nice opportunity to explore lesser known parts of Brooklyn and even Manhattan.

Josipa Baricevic


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