Being part of New York City

My time here is almost over. I had a lot of mixed feelings, sadness, nostalgia, but also happiness and a great satisfaction after complete this process. Definitely this time here in New York City is like a huge check point, not just in my professional career, but my personal life too. Every time my head goes back remembering what were my dreams, I can resume it in this, working and living in in the capital of the world.

I really appreciate my experience in studioMDA. Here in the office, I had the opportunity to work in very different kind of projects, cultural, residential, mixed used, even competitions, and that diversity was really enriching.

The big challenge of being part of a team, of a company that always look for the excellence, of achieve a well-done product no matter if it’s on paper or is under construction, the idea to complete it perfect, it’s the ultimate goal, and definitely is one of the biggest tasks I’ve learned working here. Adding to that, my program skills increase a lot, we tried to use every tool, and push it to the limit to efficient more our work. Another very important part for me, was practice the English system, and the language all the time. There’s no other choice, than take away your fears. And that, in my case, is what has made me grow the most.

Nobody expected this to be a very strange year because of the pandemic, and we had to lived and adjust in a situation that no one knows how it works. Working from home, stop all the constructions, start having a lot of online meetings. But there wasn’t another option, so that, also it was part of an amazing challenge, that I think we achieve as an office, but even bigger, as a city that was moved by their companies, and the dynamic based by the offices.

Definitely it worth every day I spend here. I wish and recommend that every person that want to try it, there’s no doubt for not trying.

If I have one advice, is never stop trying. Never stop working hard.

Wish all the best for what’s coming.

Diego Perez


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