CLL – Concept Lighting Lab’ Selected Projects #1

History of CLL

Concept Lighting Lab was founded in 2013 by Claudia Kappl Joy CLD, IALD, MIES and Rick Joy RJA, FAIA, FRIBA. They provide consultation and full lighting design services. Their projects range from small scale to large and include Renovation or Remodel as well as Construction for indoor and outdoor applications.

CLL is a member with the professional Lighting Design Collectives: Certified Lighting Designers, International Association of Lighting Designers, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, and Women in Lighting.

They search for quality solutions with the goal to achieve an all inclusive experience. From emphasizing the vision of the designers to creating the mood, CLL engages in a process that results in a cohesive atmosphere and a space that moves users both psychologically and emotionally.

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Company Culture at CLL

CLL believes in taking adequate measure when approaching a task or project. The firm focuses on functionality and the outlined space, while staying flexible in changing conditions.

We aim on the suitable, realistic, efficient, and aesthetically appealing lighting design solution(s) that serve the project, concept, client and the end-user.

They provide detailed evaluations, studies and specifications while complying with the requirements and staying within budget in order to study and interpret the science of measuring lights. CLL always proposes solutions that can be controlled and support the clients’ needs, the lifestyle proposal, and the architects’ vision.

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Architect-US is proud to work in close contact with CLL and to be able to ensure the firm gets to know and work with amazing young architects like Sebastian Felipe Espinoza Villota, and Cristina Janeth Zambrano Rodriguez whom we helped process and sponsor their J1 Visa as well as find a job in the US through our Job+J1 Visa Program!

Sebastian Felipe Espinoza Villota

Sebastian is a Columbian Architect who received his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the Universidad de San Buenaventura in Cali-Colombia. He went on get his Master’s degree in Sustainable Intervention in the Built Environment from Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, ETSAV in Sant Cugadel Valles, Spain. Sebastian also founded his own architecture company TASO, Taller de Arquitectura Sur Occidente and he’s worked on projects such as 1200 M2 Historical Memory Centre Restoration with a budget of $100.000 and 80 M2 Apartment restoration with budget of $30.000.

Cristina Janeth Zambrano Rodriguez

Cristina is an Architect from Panama and she studied for her Bachelor’s Degree at the Design School of the Universidad Católica Santa María La Antigua in Panama. She then went on to get her Master of Science in Project Management from La Salle Business & Engineering School at the Universitat Ramon Llull in Barcelona. Cristina is also the recipient of the GBCI «New Generation» fellowship program for participation in 10/2020 CONSTRUVERDE 2021, VISION 2050.

CLL Selected Projects

Tucker Residence – Martis Camp, Lake Tahoe Area, Northern California

Services completed by Concept Lighting Lab for Tucker Residence are: Full Lighting Design Services for Exterior and Interior. Architectural, Landscape Lighting and Switching, Specialty lighting, Specification, Controls, Plug-In Lighting, Aiming and Adjusting, Procurement Support. As well as: Full Interior Design Service for Lifestyle Concept, Planning, Specification to Detail and Adaptation of all Furniture, Partial Built in, Vanity Slabs and Detailing, Specialty Finishes, Drape, Soft Package, Accessories and Pricing, Procurement, Coordination, Move-in.

Drawing inspiration from the volcanic stone known as basalt found in the area, the house features bursts of red accents that lift the spirits and create a cozy atmosphere. The hidden entrance has a three-story red glass wall that extends from the lower level to the master level above, past a double-height entry and stairway. Here at the entrance, a Catellani & Smith sparkling chandelier greets visitors with awe and conjures up memories of the splendor seen on the slopes on a clear winter morning when the sun hits the floating crystals and causes them to dance in the sky.

The main living level’s large, open, and continuous space is lit with a lighting concept that balances electrical and natural light sources and creates hospitable areas. Attained by integrating linear tracks with a variety of inserts for both general and targeted lighting below, combined with low-level lighting that plug-ins emit to create a cozy, inviting glow near the user. A further layer of softness is added to balance the occasionally gloomy and overcast skies or the occasionally blindingly bright alpine daylight by the manually operated dim-out and sheer drape, which contrast with the minimal frame and mechanically operated sliding doors.

Photos by CLL

Tennyson 205 – Mexico City, Mexico

The fully enclosed vertical staircase, which connects all floors, is divided by plate steel and enclosed with board-form concrete. One moves from one level to the next, led by light that comes from along the architecturally defined edges and with it, aided by the graceful brass handrail and the spatial bounce that serves as the reflector.

The Penthouse level’s main living and dining area receives ample natural light from four sources: two light wells directly overhead, a sizable roof terrace, and softer light coming through the stairwell access.
Inspired by local and Mexican window walls, the custom steel frame windows and doors are set within exquisitely crafted and textured board-form concrete, which serves as both a finish surface and a structural element. A methodical approach is used in the architectural lighting throughout the levels, with light tracks balancing and controlling the light in most rooms and reveals holding curtains.

The wood floor is only complemented by a wood ceiling in the living and dining rooms and the master bedroom. The ceiling is fitted with flush recessed downlights to provide well-lit areas with a cozy, inviting glow.

Photos by CLL

Bayhouse – Long Island, New York, USA

Daylight pours into the spacious living area from the South East window-wall, which offers expansive views of the bay and horizon. Flush recessed downlights were installed at the exterior overhang to reduce the reflection and self-reflection of a mirror image at night. The Energy Saving Technology’s minimal ceiling recessed trim-less fixtures allow for a unified and consistent look throughout the house. Their linear integrated casework fixtures, along with a variety of accessories, lenses, and trim options, provide the best possible lighting for the majority of the space.

Peach to pink hues of daylight flood the spacious room from the cathedral-like high ceiling in the living room, dining area, and kitchen, which is divided by the wood-log fireplace and terminated by two copper-lined belvederes. CLL chose to illuminate the extended interior hall and back wall with light in order to maintain this roomy area during the evening and night, as well as to guarantee visual comfort. They were able to bridge the high ceiling drop, bring the light close to the wall and artwork, and take advantage of the best color rendering capabilities thanks to Zumtobel Group’s suspended stem wall-washers.

by CLL

We will be posting more projects by CLL in the upcoming weeks and months, so keep an eye out for more of their incredible work! Every Friday we will be posting a new Featured Company, so join us again next week!

CLL - Concept Lighting Lab

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