5 Reasons You Should Join An Architectural Competition As Soon As Possible

Architecture, although it does have a profit motive, has a duty to redefine the spaces that we all live in. Architecture many times is focused on making profit, while fulfilling the dreams of their clients, yet this can sometimes limit the architect’s ability to challenge themselves.

Many times the market price of a rented space depends on the spatial quality of the building instead of the quality of the materials used to build the space. In order to truly unlock your skills and challenge yourself as an architect, you will find that you will be well recognized in architectural competitions.

Architectural Competitions has been around since the creation of The Acropolis in Athens at it was a consequence of an architectural competition. Throughout the 18th century Architectural Competitions have happened in different countries, such as the United States, Great Britain, France, and more.

Not all Architecture Competitions are created equally, and each have a different format and way of being conducted, below you can find some of the options:

Project Competitions or Ideas Competitions: These are held depending on whether the aim is building a new project or generating new ideas only.

Open Competitions or Limited competitions: These architecture competitions are held depending on who is allowed to participate.

One Stage or Two Stage Competitions: These take place on the basis of the scale and complexity of the competition.
Student Design competitions are also amongst the widely held architecture competitions.

It is important to note that the rules of each competition are defined by the organiser; however, often they follow the guidelines given by the International Union of Architects or the relevant regional or national architecture organisation.

The guidelines of these architecture competitions define roles, responsibilities, procedures, and processes within the concerned competition. It offers guidance on potential competition types, eligibility criteria, participation conditions, composition of the jury, prizes, payments, results publication, and many more aspects.

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