I can’t believe it’s been 18 months, and this will be the last time I’m writing for the blog, it’s a mix of feelings. There is no way to describe in a post what this experience was for me, everyone should have the opportunity to live abroad and live this type of experience !! It was the most intense and important 18 months of my life, I lived a lot of moments of happiness, sadness, uncertainty, crazy and most importantly I discovered myself as a human being, my purpose, my passions.

Architect Us thank you, for providing this indescribable experience, the whole team has always been incredible, helpful, and always willing to help at any time. I recommend you with my eyes closed, you are all extremely competent.
I learned so much in these 18 months with the Hoos team, to visualize architecture differently, to think about the smallest details, different materials and I had the opportunity to see everything happen in the field which made everything more interesting and fundamental to understand what I was drawing. My technological skills improve and certainly my English too.

Talk about my team? I couldn’t have been luckier, Suzi and Tom are incredible professionals and patient (they were a lot with me) it’s not easy in the beginning, feet and inches, technical terms, codes, work tool, formatting everything is different but they were very patient they made all these difficulties as smooth and as pleasant as possible. Living in the USA, in the beginning, is never easy, finding a house, paperwork, driver’s license, opening a bank account, electricity, internet, furnishing an apartment, doing all this alone is a surreal challenge, but it was worth every cry, every despair, every indescribable longing from home, family and friends. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in this life, it was incredible. When you start to know the city and friends everything changes, today I have my own family here, I have incredible friends.

Living here allows you to travel a lot too, I’ve seen so many amazing places, NY, DC, New Orleans, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Chicago, San Francisco, South Lake City, Denver, Miami, San Diego I’ve seen so many amazing places, I made so many friends, I made every second that I lived here count.

My advice is not an easy experience, nor a cheap one at the beginning, but it is worth every cent, every difficult moment and I would not change anything. I spent the best 18 months of my life here.

I hope that it inspires more architects to do the program, everyone is capable just need to chase the dream.


Nathalie Hellmich


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