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5 of the Most Crucial Tips for Young Architects Starting Off

You should always consider these 5 crucial tips when you are starting off at a new firm. Make sure that you avoid the mistakes that many have made before you, by learning from them. Below we go in to detail regarding how these 5 tips can guide you to a more meaningful and successful career in Architecture.

1. Don’t only focus on old guard firms! Find new firms!

Remember, you are a YOUNG professional! What does this mean? Why am I emphasizing your age? Talent is not determined by age, yet your perspective on the world and how we can solve the pressing issues we face is defined by the time and age you grew up in.

This translates into your career and how you grow at a firm. So if you decide to go to an Old Guard firm, they might not fit what your outlook and view is for your career. Make sure you are aware of the firms you are applying to and how they fit into your vision.

2. YOU are in charge of designing your Career!

Do not wait for someone else to decide where you are going in your career. At the end of the day, the responsibility is on you to be able to shape and direct where your career goes. If you wait around for your Mom or Principal or Mentor to decide for you, it will not be the experience you wanted in the end.

Always research! Keep learning and make sure that you know how the industry is changing and how you can make your own personal impact on the field. You will become a Principal or decision maker in the future, so make sure you know how to lead and what you are striving for individually and as a society.

3. Networking is the key to advancing in the field

If you know how to properly network, it will seem like a relaxed and enjoyable experience. As you will put yourself in situations to succeed by choosing which networking events to go to, or who you want to connect with to grow your professional network. Most of the jobs available are through word of mouth, not the internet. So come back to real life, and make sure you have a plan for connecting with other architects and designers to progress in your career.

4. Technology will help you, not take your job!

All the top-notch firms are working towards implementing new cutting-edge technology as much as possible. They view the value of having their architects old and young understand how technology can make the design process and the construction process and the logistics process so much easier and more streamlined. Imagine being able to see vividly and with detail the building you have yet to construct. Imagine having Machine Learning be able to predict where problems may arise in the future, so that you can be pro-active and take on these issues before they start showing up. All of these are possible when you improve your relationship with tech, and it will make you more attractive candidate for future openings.

5. Education doesn’t end in school.

Just as before! You must stay ahead of the curve and bring new, fresh perspectives to the firm you are interning at. Beyond that you should always be improving and learning new ways to connect with your client and show them their vision through your craft.

When considering your next career move, plan proactively and create Portfolios that include your best work. Consider looking into finding a mentor with Architect-USand improving your Portfolios with our Portfolio Plans and Career Advice Program. We provide coaching and personalized mentorship, so you can have a professional and experienced take on your next steps in your career, as well as a great team to confide in.


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