The Importance of Knowing Your Ideal Buyer Persona as an Architect

Just like any marketing campaign, you must first understand who is your target audience before you start creating the content or making the invites out to them. Try to understand the full picture of their professional role, and not just their specific needs. There are so many factors that can impact why or why not someone decides to interact with your content or your offer. They have a pain caused by lack of time or not enough drafters or they are trying to reorganize the way their office works.

In order for you to be able to create your own persona for the demographic you are looking to target, consider the sample we have provided below:

Bob has been working at his firm for about two years now, and now he is really starting to feel like he found the correct spot and made the correct decision. Since they have not hired anyone else, Bob is still considered the new guy in the office. Yet he has already shown his shine on some product decisions, and thus he is starting to earn some respect from the senior staff at his firm.

Bob is a Millennial right on the cusp, so the internet is a key part of his life and he has not imagined much of his career without technology within it. In order to stay ahead of the curve, Bob feels that he needs to learn more about his industry, while also staying up to date with newest going ons in the industry. More likely than not, he hasn’t picked up a paper newspaper in years, so why would he start now? So he is probably going to refer to Google and hope that through his search for the product he needs, he might also be able to learn about the Product Category and how it fits into the jigsaw puzzle that is the overall project. This means that Bob is trying to find the brands that understand his passion for consistent learning and wants go-to websites for when he needs to find new research for his senior admin.

Bob ends up finding Archrepository and subscribes to it, but he is not an active reader, and is more impressed by the amount of information he can find out about a product online and how that information is presented than he is impressed by glossy magazine ads and taglines.

His main goal is to find answers in a fast fashion, social confirmation of quality through positive reviews, live and newly added testimonials, and a wide variety of perspectives and voices. The closer you help him get to his goal, the more trust he is going to have in you and what you offer.

At the end of the day, Bob wants to impress his boss and supervisor so that they start to trust him more and delegate more responsibility.

For your site or blog to be consistently referred to you must not only convince the first architect that finds you, but also the other sets of people that the first architect needs to impress, to prove that your product is the correct one for them. By understanding the Persona of your ideal buyer, you can break down their avatar of pains and needs, and find them the solutions they are yearning for. In the process you are also gaining their trust in you as a partner in their professional development.

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