[REPLAY] How to get a job in the US without previous experience?

Cristina Marin joins us for another episode of the Architect-US Interview Series! This time our Director of Partnerships joins the series to talk with Cristina about her experience at Inglese Architecture!

In the beginning of the interview Cristina Marin begins talking about how she started her creative adventure with classic music and her parents sent her to a school for the arts, where she was challenged every day to learn a new skill and use trial and error to improve herself.

Cristina started her career in Spain, after finishing her Undergraduate in Barcelona at the Universitat Rovira I Virgili, she started looking for work in London because she wanted to improve her English. Eventually, she got the chance to go study in the USA at the Missouri Southern State University for part of her undergraduate, and it is here that she started gaining exposure to American culture, both educational and professional.

Cristina said that US firms put equal importance on your life experiences and extracurriculars. It is the area that she wish she had focused more of her time and energy on!

After her first experience in the USA, she was wanting to go back and continue her career there, but she realized the importance and the value of becoming a BIM technician. So she went back to University for her Masters at the University of Valencia. Once finishing there, she found Architect-US and joined the JOB+J1 Visa Program, which helped her to get a job at Inglese Architecture.

Now she is the Assistant Program Manager and has been loving her work in the affordable residential sector!

Throughout the interview Cristina provides the audience with insights, tips and proven strategies on how to improve your odds of staying longer in the USA and getting the opportunity to work in the USA, even with

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