How to move up the career ladder as a J1 Visa holder

Fernanda Azevedo joins us for another episode of the Architect-US Interview Series, in which she was able to provide us with some great insight and ideas regarding how to make the most of your J1 Visa experience. As well as how to move up the career ladder to become indispensable and stay at the firm for a longer term.

In the beginning of the interview with Fernanda Azevedo they started talking about the importance of finding your passion at a young age, and the only way to do that is to try new things and learn new skills. It is on the basis of this idea that she viewed the necessity of starting to work in the beginning of her undergraduate studies in Brazil. Fernanda attributes this decision with her professionalism currently, and it is part of why she was chosen to be a Project Captain.

One of the main parts of being an Architect is knowing how to handle the pressure of deadlines, and being able to balance your work with your life. Once you are able to find that balance you will realize how productive and impactful you can be!

Another key point that Fernanda made during the interview was the difference in the office culture and architectural industry between Brazil, the USA, and Italy. She mentions that both Italy and Brazil have a sense of their architectural history, while in the US it was not as valued or important. For example, during her time in Milan, not only do architects and designers know about the value of the architectural history and how it is tied to the country’s story, but so to do the general populace. Such a well informed populace is able to better communicate what they want out of design.

Both Fernanda and Patricia then talked about their personal stories of how they were able to move past the J1 Visa Experience to get to the longer term career move at the firm you have been working at for your J1 visa experience. They mention that you must have a solid sense of what you want out of your career first, and what drives you or motivates you to become better. These are aspects you must have strong sense of before taking on the challenge of moving to a whole new country.

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