How a young Architect from Malaysia went from Intern to J1 Visa holder to O1 Visa holder in record time

Pati Garcia and Aston Jun had a great chat the other day and you can find it right here. Learn more about Jun’s professional career adventure from Malaysia to Germany to New York City with Marin Architects.

In Malaysia he worked on the first project in architecture by sketching and using your main tool as an architect, your hand, so you can better understand shape and form, and then later on down the line you apply the technical aspect. Aston Jun’s life drawings are not the best, but his renders and graphic skills are amazing. He claims to have a not so good sketch of himself, but he really enjoys the technical side. He landed in New York City in 2018 after graduating from university in Hartford.

Adapting from the Imperial to Metric system was very difficult and was a key part of the culture shock. He still doesn’t understand fahrenheit, but he is figuring out inches and feet. Design process is largely the same all over the world, but in New York City the city drawing is different because you have more rules and regulations to follow when going from design to building.

Mentorship at Marin Architects is organized through mentors and Aston has been able to work hand in hand with his advisor, Mr. Fati, which shows him how the USA system works and it is a 50-50 professional relationship. Veritas Architects, second largest Architecture firm in Asia, this is where he started so the big firm made it more difficult for one on one mentorship, and it was more focused on helping the Project Architect with a group of people all focusing on their work. While in Marin Architects it is a more personal experience and you get to see every aspect of each stage. At the big firm in Malaysia he got to work on his rendering and specific design, and he recommends that every architect tries both sizes.

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