Sunrise on Vero Beach


Almost a month has passed since I moved to Vero Beach. A very small town with 17000 inhabitants at the high season and almost 9000 out of season. Since I got here, everything was intense, look for an apartment, look for a car, insurance, get my social security number and deal with the worst part the American measurement system.

Whoever has worked all his life with meters and start to use inches knows what I am saying.

My greatest fortune in the middle of this hurricane was my team, could not have been chosen by better people, they are amazing. Even with homesick they have comforted me and made this experience much more fun and easy time.

In this first month, I had the opportunity to take a boat trip through the river, see dolphins, go to the Tampa, went to the beach, find and furnished my apartment and I’m finally taking the course to get my driver’s license

I cannot wait for the next few months, thank you so much Architect US

Nathalie Hellmich


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