Going deep with BIM can open doors into Int’l top rated firms? Get inspired by Alberto Reguero’s story

Our Interview Series kicks-off 2021 having an incredible Architect that Pati Garcia knows very well, and in many ways he has had a similar career trajectory to PatiAlberto Reguero has experience as a Building Design Manager/ Project Manager and has worked all over the world.

From Doha to Madrid to London to Riyadh, Alberto has taken on every challenge that has presented itself, and has focused his career towards specialization in different fields of architectural activity including Buildings Design Management, Civil Works Engineering Coordination and Singular Architecture Projects Development.

We are ecstatic for all of you to meet him for another episode of Architect-US Interview Series on Wednesday, January 13th at 12 PM EST (🗽 time) on our Instagram LIVE and/or our YouTube CHANNEL. Our CEO Patricia Garcia will guide us through the interview with Alberto, and cover topics ranging from his experience working in Doha and Riyadh to his LEED certification experience to his BIM expertise and how he went about specializing his craft to gain more responsibilities at his firm. Now Alberto is working in Madrid with OHL Group as a BIM Manager.

The interview will be live on Architect-US Instagram on Wednesday, January 13th at 12 PM EST (🗽 time) We’ll be also streaming live from all our channels: Facebook | LinkedIn | Youtube | Instagram


Our CEO Patricia Garcia Chimeno will go over some other topics such as:

✅ Learn about the value that BIM certification brings to your career as an Architect

✅ Gain insight into the world of an International Architect and the plus & minuses of such a life

Find out about Alberto’s experience of working as the Design Manager for the Doha Red Line Metro Development, just in time for the World Cup

✅ Learn about the responsibilities and struggles he took on while working on Projects valued at half a billion dollars in Riyadh

✅ See how Alberto volunteers his time and gives back through the ThinkFund NGO that he is part of

Although Alberto has never worked in the USA, he has plenty of experience to share with you and a career trajectory that leaves many in envy. Join us tomorrow to learn about how he went from graduation in 2006 at the Polytechnic University of Madrid to working abroad in London at Bryden Wood Associates in 2007 to then traveling over to Riyadh in 2014 to work on a 375 Million Dollar project for the Saudi Ministry of Interior.

What would you like to ask Alberto about? Please let us know below if you have any questions you would like to ask him!👇👇👇


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