Archinect focuses on the Voices from Ukraine

As the world continues unified in their support for Ukraine, we often just view a country via their governments and militaries, but Archinect decided to compile  individual voices of the Ukrainian people and their Architects. According to Archinect their goal is to ask the following question: “What do the architects, designers, and academic institutions of Ukraine have to say?”

Below we include some of those voices that Archinect decided to highlight and show some of the ways in which Ukrainian Architects and Designers are trying to help out their compatriots.

  1. Olga Kovtun, communications specialist and member of Kyiv-based architecture and interior design firm Yakusha Design told us: “At this moment, when all Ukraine is under constant missile attacks, work at our office in Kyiv is paralyzed, and everyone is thinking primarily about the safety of their families and loved ones. One of our team members has volunteered to join the Ukrainian territorial defense forces, some people evacuated to Western Ukraine or other places, some stayed in the capital.”
Istetyka in Kyiv by Yakusha Design. Photo: Evheniy Avramenko.

The firm’s founder Victoria Yakusha shared: “Today I am not in Kyiv, I am in Brussels. And that hurts me even more — knowing what’s happening in my country. My team, my mother, my friends are in Ukraine. Our team’s work chat now serves to find out if everyone is alive, where the nearest bomb shelters are, and to coordinate actions. We are together. What’s happening now is extermination. Kyiv is being bombarded, Russian tanks are in the streets. It’s a real war. Not an operation, not a military exercise, or demilitarization. Civilians are being killed, residential areas are being hit.”

What’s happening now is extermination. Kyiv is being bombarded, Russian tanks are in the streets. It’s a real war” – Victoria Yakusha, founder of Yakusha Design

Rybalsky Apartment in Kyiv by +kouple. Photo: Andrey Bezuglov.

2. Kateryna Vakhrameyeva, co-founder and CEO of Kyiv-based design practice +kouple (formerly FILD) told Archinect: “No words to express our gratitude for your initiative. We have no idea what to expect any hour soon and [we are] horrified with this reality but trying to stay strong and support local resistance! We strongly believe in our cause, and we are so significantly grateful for all international support you’ve already given to Ukrainian nation.”

Special edition “BEVEL + Molotov” lamp by +kouple.

The studio recently launched the “BEVEL + Molotov” campaign honoring “Ukrainian bravery and resistance” and with all proceeds pledged to support the Ukrainian army.

3. Kyiv-based production company and creative agency, Minimal Movie, shared: “My family and I are in relative safety in Western Ukraine. Russia has started this war and is also targeting civilians. Innocent children are dying. Russia is purposefully targeting cities even with ballistic missiles. Many architects I know, both men and women, have joined territorial defense battalions to defend Kyiv. In this minute, they are fighting for the fate of the country in the streets of Kyiv. We need the support of the world and the architectural community to stand with Ukraine and make Russia a pariah. We will prevail, and we want to work together with our international friends in rebuilding Ukraine.”

Kharkiv School of Architecture. Image courtesy of the school.

4. The Kharkiv School of Architecture in the northeastern city of Kharkiv, and their program coordinator, Yelyzaveta Krasnianyk, shared the following:

“Russia once again struck a blow to Ukraine, but now it is a full-scale war. They attacked us, without declaring war, insidiously in the middle of the night. They hit rockets and missiles all over our country, hitting cities and essential infrastructure. Some of those missiles hit residential areas, schools, kindergartens, and hospitals. Therefore, there are losses not only among the military but also among the civilian population. As for us, we are an independent Architecture School in Kharkiv (It’s a big city very close to the Russian border). They bomb the city all day long using planes, missiles, and fire systems. At this time, the school can no longer function like most educational institutions in our country.”

Kharkiv School of Architecture. Image courtesy of the school.

“Now we think first of all about the safety of our students and staff. Whenever possible, students and teachers are evacuated from the city to safer places, if any! However, those who remained in the city have been in bomb shelters almost all the time since yesterday due to constant strikes. When we overcome the danger, we will think about restoring what has been destroyed! Maximum publicity about Russia’s attack on Ukraine is needed! If possible, we ask everyone to speak out, unite, and push the governments to impose sanctions on Russia.”

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