Getting to the US

For the last few month I was preparing my documents and the paperwork in order to get the J1 Visa. Thanks to Architect-US this process was made very easy, clear and smooth. From preparing all of the official paperwork, to preparing us for the CENET interview and the Visa interview Architect-US was here to help with every step of the way. They were always always very responsive and helpful for any question or inquiry. Yesterday I was finally able to get my appointment at my local embassy and my visa got finally approved! yay! So i wanted to thank Architect-US for the help and support to get there and get my J1 Visa.

The next step for me is now arranging my travel plans in order to get to the US and start this amazing experience. Cultural exchanges always enrich the individuals that undergo the experience. Having already had some cultural exchange programs in Europe and Asia, and now I am very glad to add the US to my list! I am looking forward to training at Work Architecture Company! I really appreciate their projects, design process, development, models… their work in general and I am looking forward to learn as much as possible from this experience. This experience will, with no doubt tremendously positively affect my vision of architecture and working in an international architecture company.

I am now waiting for my passport to get back to me with my Visa (I hope really soon!) and getting ready to embark this amazing adventure that awaits, especially that it will be located in a city as lively and vivid as New York. Therefore not only the professional experience with enrich my knowledge and culture, but also living in this amazing city will I hope shape me and make me grow.

Sarah Sioufi


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