June Portfolio Challenge Winner is a tie between a Migrant Center Design and the Redefinition of a Car Park

May was a month with incredible top notch projects that caught the eye, but June gives us a set of 4 different projects that highlight our community’s variety in design skills and perspectives. With 4 artists’ work being presented throughout the month on all of our different platforms, we have the final winner with the most likes on Instagram!!

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The winner of the $30 Amazon Gift Card for this month, the month of June is a tie between Macarena Chaves’ Arts & Cars and Alfredo Marin’s Migrant’s Lighthousewhich each garnered the most likes on Instagram with 33 likes in June!!

While for Alfredo it is his first time joining us for the Architect-US Portfolio Challenge, but for Macarena it is her 3rd time publishing a project in the Challenge! We are excited to highlight both works as they tied.

Alfredo Esparza joins us for the first time and submitted a project called Migrant’s LighthouseAlfredo currently lives and works in Los Angeles as a Production Manager at ERA Stone and Tile. Before that he went to University in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he was able to hone his craft as an Architect. In this project he seeks to design a living space for migrants that uses recycled materials. It goes into detail about how the building is cooled and warmed by different cost saving methods and materials that allow for the cost of construction to be affordable for the migrants. 

Macarena Chaves Martinez joined the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program more recently and has been working towards getting an opportunity to work in the USA again. This time around she submitted a project called Arts & Cars, which aims to create a space for both in a clean and aesthetically pleasing form. Many times we think of car parks as ugly, large and imposing concrete structures that are in eye sore in the city. Macarena believes it is possible to incorporate the car park into an artistic space that adds to the urban renewal of a city, while also providing utility to commuters and those with cars.

What were your favorite projects from June?!?! Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇

Arts & Cars

Migrant’s Lighthouse

If you want to see more by Macarena and Alfredo, scroll down to the bottom to find the rest of their projects, Arts & Cars and Migrant’s Lighthouse .

Thank you to everyone who had their work presented in the month of June!! 😁😁 We want to make sure that they all get more exposure! 👀👀

In second place was Maria Urquiola’s Sant Tome Symphony Orchestra with over 19 likes on Instagram. Maria is a Venezuelan Architect that is currently studying and working in Valencia. She finished her masters at Universidad Europea and previously worked at Arcotectura interning there for just over 5 months. Sant Tomé Symphony Orchestra is the project that Maria submitted for her first Portfolio Challenge and it provides us with a look into how she would design and create a beautiful space for orchestra and music to be practiced and presented to the public.

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In third place was Cristina Asla Ortiz de Latierro’s Residential Hybrid Building with over 11 likes on Instagram. She became part of the Architect-USJob+J1 Visa Program last year, and is very excited to be joining Wheeler Kearns Architects in Chicago in the coming months. This time around she is submitting a project called Residential Hybrid Building, which aims to be a flexible and adaptable space for a community to live in. Cristina plays around with the possible dimensions and adds different fixtures that add to the openness and sense of freedom to roam through the buildings different levels. As you can see, she is applying  her love for art with her design and architectural endeavors.

Arts & Cars

Migrant’s Lighthouse

Images by Alfredo Esparza and Macarena Chaves Martinez

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