Prepare for departure!

As I finish packing, everything is slowly sinking in. I feel a bit anxious, but I am also beyond excited to start what is certain to be a life changing experience.

I had been pursuing opportunities in the US for about a year, but it wasn’t until I heard about Architect-US that everything started falling into place.

I learned about the program from a good friend and colleague of one of my esteemed university professors. I was quick to apply, and after a couple of months of polishing my profile and improving my portfolio, they sent me an email letting me know that Inglese Architecture + Engineering, a medium size firm located in New Jersey, 40 minutes from Manhattan, had an opportunity. I really liked their portfolio and their work philosophy, so I was certainly interested.

We arranged a Skype interview and the next day I received their offer! I accepted it the day after and started right away with the visa process. Architect-US was with me every step of the way, so even though it seemed overwhelming at some points I never felt alone!

I will start this adventure in a few days, and I can’t wait to get to know everyone at the office. As I said, Inglese Architecture + Engineering has an amazing portfolio and I am eager to start working on the firm’s projects. I am sure is going to be an amazing experience that will make me grow professionally and personally. I am also excited to explore NYC and everything it has to offer!

It has been an intense couple of months, but everything has been worth it, and I am grateful and excited about this next step on my career as an architect. I’ll keep you posted on this  journey with further blog entries!

Maria Arenas

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