Maria O’Connor was a participant in the Architect-US program and was able to work in Seattle with JW Architects and she was able to extend her stay past the 18 months afforded to her via the J1 Visa. Last time Maria submitted ARTS CENTER “EL CAPRICHO”, which had the aim of providing a solution to try and recover the glory period of the “Alameda de Osuna” during the 18th and 19th centuries when the Palace and the Historic Garden were built.

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This time around she is submitting her project called NEPAL COMMUNITY CENTER. The goal of her design is to create a sustainable space for the community to be provided for with basic services such as solar-based electricity, heating, and improved resilient cropping. By providing a low-cost and easily replicable design for the community center in Nepal, this design can be applied globally and gain traction with NGOs and Governments alike.

Maria is aware of the environment and the necessity for architecture to solve key design issues necessary for a sustainable future. She is licensed as a LEED Green Associate, and was interested in pursuing the license due to her support of the preservation and reuse of the heritage buildings which is part of why she was inspired by the beautiful city in the Czech Republic.

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Images by Maria O’Connor

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