[PORTFOLIO CHALLENGE] February winning project focused on finding those hidden city-view gems in new cities!

February was a month for Cultural Heritage centers and Innovation Centers and revamping of crucially important historical places. In February the incredible work of 7 architects was highlighted and shown on our platforms, and now we have the final winner with the most likes on Instagram!!

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The winner of the $30 Amazon Gift Card for this month was able to get over 283 likes on their project via Instagram. The second Portfolio Challenge winner of 2021 for the month of February is…. Miguel Majano Díaz‘s The Exposed Interior.

Miguel went to Universidad de Castilla – La Mancha for his degree in Architecture, and during that Academic time Miguel was able to practice his design skills and be creative with his ideas for projects. Below you will see how Miguel worked through the experience of being in this town, where the best view of the church is from different hidden angles and views that are not readily available or open to the general public.

Image by Miguel Majano Díaz

If you want to see more by Miguel Majano Diazscroll down to the bottom to find the rest of their project, The Exposed Interior.

We want to highlight the beautiful work of the other seven incredible artists that were showcased in February!!

In second place was Tiago Ferreira‘s Falling Light with 229 Likes on Instagram. Falling Light focused on providing different sectioned off areas of a building that each provide space for a different activity. The natural light is shown through the building structure, and is enhanced by different designs within the structure.

In third place was Bianca Dobru‘s Office Building with 221 Likes on Instagram. Office Building provides us with the façade and the lobby renderings show a design that is reminiscent of a flower and the slope towards the center creates a sense of openness that is calming and relaxing. The façade was created to disperse the natural light in a way that it reaches different parts of the office and enlightens areas.

In fourth place was Marta Espinosa‘s Art Innovation Center with 137 Likes in Instagram.In the last Portfolio Challenge submission by Marta, she submitted her project called Territorial Planning and Equestrian Facilities ,which was influenced by her love for EquestrianMarta has joined us again for another submission called Art Innovation Center and has added details regarding her inspiration and how she seeks to connect the center to the nature around it. Marta worked at Torrence Architects in Los Angeles and loved the experience.

In fifth place was Katarzyna Lejk’s SkyHive 2019 | High-rise of the Future with 133 Likes on Instagram.

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In sixth place was Alvaro Guillen‘s A Silent Death with 109 Likes on Instagram. A Silent Death aims to create a reinterpretation of the way and form that infrastructure should take in the port city of La Coruña, Spain. Last time Alvaro Guillen submitted “Cultuhipismo”, which was created with the aim of fostering a space for discussion and the battle of ideas.

In seventh place was Carlos Gómez De Agüero‘s Recovering the Salt Flats of Janubio with 83 Likes on Instagram. Last time Carlos submitted SMART UNIVERSITY to the Portfolio Challenge, which aimed to incorporate the Internet 4.0 to a university campus. Now he is back again with another project that is focused on the recovery of Salt Flats, it is called RECOVERING THE SALT FLATS OF JANUBIO.

Which projects for February were your top 3? Leave us your thoughts/insights in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇

Images by Miguel Majano Díaz

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