Plastic Box Pavillion

Arturo R. Del Amo López contributes to the Portfolio Challenge with the submission of his project called Plastic Box Pavillion. He challenges himself to try new materials and building styles, all while considering how it impacts the individual within the space he creates and from the outside. Learn more about each phase he designs and his input and insights throughout the process.

Arturo R. Del Amo López joined the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program last year, and has been working in the USA with HMC Architects for almost half a year now in Sacramento, California. Plastic Box Pavilion is one of his creations from earlier on in his career, while he was honing his skills at Universidad CEU in Madrid. The idea behind the Pavilion is to provide those that enter into the structure, with a sense of comfort mixed with exploration of new spaces. As you can see in the different renders, Arturo goes into detail regarding the building material and how they combine to create a certain feeling from within and from outside.

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Before making it to the USA, Arturo was working with Carlos Marzano Architects as an Architect, where he was able to apply his experiences working abroad in Taiwan and Thailand. He joined Tunghai University in Taiwan to be part of their Master’s program in Architecture. Now he looks forward to making a name for himself in the Sacramento Architecture scene and is enjoying his time working for an incredible employee owned Architecture firm, HMC Architects.

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Images by Arturo R. Del Amo López

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