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Matteo Terazzi was part of our Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program, and previously submitted SynEnergy Hall to the Portfolio Challenge. For this week’s portfolio challenge he submitted his project called Learning Centre. Matteo Terazzi focused on sustainability work during his studies at the Polytechnic University of Milan, which has shaped his design eye and the way in which he views the world.

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Matteo has been working at Studio Razavi Architecture and he hones his skills in sustainability and social housing. He views New Urbanism, an architectural movement to build new neighborhoods by maximizing opportunities for social exchange at all scales, as an inspirational movement. Learning Centre was created to complement the Polytechnic University of Milan campus by providing another venue for students to gain knowledge and improve their learning spaces.

For example, he seeks to create a system of open and closed areas, accessible to anyone, enhances a concept of urban continuity that goes far beyond physical and dynamic aspects, being not only a new space for the students, but also a new service for everyone. The building creates a new link between two different by eliminating all sorts of physical and mental barriers. Fromed by the intersection of three volumes dedicated to three distinct uses, the project is internally presented as an organic element organized to relate in a dialectical way with pre-existing elements.

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How would you design a learning center that is sustainable and inviting? Leave us your thoughts/insights in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇


Images by Matteo Terazzi

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