Moving to New York with a J1 Visa

Moving to New York with a J1 Visa

I can believe that I am moving to New York with a J1 Visa. New York is an amazing city for architects! They say The Big Apple is the capital of the world. I agree because I have never seen such a variety of languages, cuisines, and entertainment before! Now I can see the numerous buildings of famous architects. I reviewed these projects in magazines, read articles about them, and now they are in front of me and it is amazing.

My first week in New York was completely insane. It is better to prepare in advance for moving to New York with a J1 Visa. I will try to describe a few points that seem important to me.

Why is the first time so crazy?
When I came to New York I was so excited to see all these places from my favorite movies, try the famous cheesecake and chat with the locals! I wanted to see and try everything! At the same time, I needed to complete the process of registration, to meet my colleagues, to establish myself as an organized and talented specialist. I was filled with new impressions and knowledge, I walked 10-20 kilometers a day. When I came home and I only had enough strength to get to the bed and fall asleep. It is great that I solved the housing issue in advance. In New York, it is very difficult to find cheap and good housing. The process may take months, so it’s best to take care of this in advance.

I was very lucky with colleagues who support me in everything and help. I am very glad to meet such wonderful people. The Architect US team was constantly in touch and helped me throughout the process, answering my many questions.

What can make your move to New York easier?

1. English.
Forget the complicated rules that you teach at school or university. Listen to more, talk, communicate more with people for whom English is the native language. I feel like I do not understand some jokes and accents, I can not quickly come up with an answer.

2. Financial readiness.
New York is a very expensive city. To rent a room costs about 1000 dollars, lunch costs 10-15 dollars, one train in the subway 2.75 dollars. Just be ready to spend. At first, you will eat a lot outside the house, buy things for the house, because in New York you rarely rent apartments with furniture and utensils.

3. Live independently.
I have been living separately from my parents for 6 years, so I know how to take care of myself. Combining the move to another country with the beginning of independent living will be doubly difficult!

I believe that everyone should try to live abroad because this is a wonderful challenge! Especially if you are young and full of energy! You can compare how people live in different countries and realize what things you miss. You will be able to meet new people with completely different views on life, broaden your horizons, improve your knowledge of the English language.

I tried to make this article useful. I hope it makes your moving easier.
Good luck!

Maria Malygina



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