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My name is Ximena, I’m a Peruvian Architect who has been working on Healthcare Architecture for the past 3 years. I decided to participate in this program because I was looking to make a shift in my career; to focus on Residential and Commercial Architecture. This seemed like the perfect way to learn and gain experience in these new fields; whilst adding valuable experience to my resumé.

I found out about the program while searching on the Internet for similar opportunities. Once I came across their website and realized I was very interested, I immediately contacted them. We then started exchanging some emails, they were very responsive and even agreed to do a zoom  call to clear all of my doubts. After I determined the Trainee program was the right fit for me, I started applying to trainee positions through LinkedIn and emailing possible host companies. I finally found one that was aligned with my expectations after a few weeks of searching. As an advice; when contacting companies,  it’s important to be upfront and disclose what you’re looking for, the requirements the program will need from them, your expectations,  your Visa Status and any other relevant information.

The process  after that has been relatively easy. The program has  been very cooperative, always there to answer my questions. My main concern during the process has been a matter of time and deadlines. Because of the pandemic, the  Visa appointments in my country have been limited. This has made it difficult to be able to set one. Thankfully, I was able to ask for an emergency appointment, which is set for next week. The timeframes are very close though, my starting date is 3 days after that. Nevertheless, I’m feeling confident that everything will work out and I’ll be able to travel in time.

Ximena Verdeguer


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