[PORTFOLIO CHALLENGE] August winning project focused on restoring a river channel

August Winner of the Portfolio Challenge was a project that aimed to restore a river channel for a community in Cordoba, Argentina. Find out how Ignacio designed the intervention and restoration, both for the environment and the community.

August was a month for projects focused on housing in difficult terrain to community centers tied in with nature, and more. In August the incredible work of 8 architects was highlighted and shown on our platforms, and now we have the final winner with the most likes on Instagram!!

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Last month’s winner was  Alberto Lozano Duran‘s Neubau des LVR-Hauses with over 118 likes on their project via Instagram.

The winner of the $30 Amazon Gift Card for this month was able to get over 164 likes on their project via Instagram. The eighth Portfolio Challenge winner of 2021 for the month of August  is…. Ignacio Igarzabal‘s Housing Caserio with over 164 likes on Instagram.

In his thesis project Ignacio aimed to restore a river channel called Suquia, and the focus was on creating a space in which the community can walk through cultural nodes located between native flora. This area is in the center of Cordoba in Argentina, and was in need of an intervention to improve the connection between the community and the nature around them.

Images by Ignacio Igarzabal

If you want to see more by Ignacio scroll down to the bottom to find the rest of their project, Housing Caserio.

We want to highlight the beautiful work of the other 7 incredible artists that were showcased in AUGUST!!

In second place was Romina Revoredo’s  CENTER OF CULTURE AND ART with 126 likes on Instagram. Romina’s goal was to create spaces that are inclusive and connect with the nature around the structures. She defines the hierarchy of functions, and the axes that people can move through freely, while maintaining a level of scale and inclusion. Find out more about how she lays out the smallest details within her design.

In third place was Barbara Pomilio’s Transparency with 66 likes on Instagram. In Transparency, the project is aiming at creating an open space for learning and the exchange of knowledge to be promoted across many different interests and areas of study. It is very important to create an open, comfortable, and encouraging space for students to learn and be creative. She was working at Topotek1 in Germany while creating this project.

In fourth place was Eleonora Colacurcio’s Bagnoli Cultural Center with 63 likes on Instagram. The goal of the project was to take an old steel mill to revamp the area and make it a cultural center for Bagnoli. Eleonora designs spaces for a museum, book club, restaurant, library, auditorium, and book shop. By doing so, she provides a balanced design for creation of funding through stores and restaurants, as well as non-profit areas that allow for collaboration such as book clubs and libraries.

In fifth place was Guillermo del Rio‘s Intervention in the Bay of Pasajes with 60 likes on Instagram. Intervention in the Bay of Pasajes aims to intervene in an area that is unstable due to the surrounding terrain. Guillermo was able to design residential buildings and other useful structures for the community, while at the same time reinforcing the weaker terrains that are exposed to this ever-changing environment.

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In sixth place was Fernanda Azevedo’s Roosevelt School of Arts with 36 likes on Instagram. Since the location nowadays is situated in a “blank page” inside an island and according to the urban freedom of its surroundings, the concept of “creating” monuments is based on defining strategic central spaces that can be recognized by the community as spaces of encounter and interaction. The urban strategy focus in the creation of monuments of permanence, as discussed by Aldo Rossi in the book The Architecture of the City, the main concept of the urban strategy relies on the design of qualitative local spaces within the new Roosevelt Island’s neighborhood.

In seventh place was Riccardo Zocche’s RE-generating Collectivity with 28 likes on Instagram. The aim of this project was to provide the design for not only an office building, but also the garden, cafeteria, and other design aspects that provide utility to those working within the office building space. As the title suggests, his goal was not only to provide utility, but also to provide more collaborative atmospheres and spaces that lead to new ideas and stronger professional relationships.

In eight place was Macarena Chaves Martinez’s Ocean Retreat with 23 likes on Instagram. Ocean Retreat aims to create a space for structures that are tied to the nature around it, and build off of it, rather than against it. Macarena previously studied at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAM) and was able to get the opportunity to go over to the USA to study at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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Images by Ignacio Igarzabal

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