Proyecto Da terra à água

Alicia Luis Magdaleno joins us for her first Portfolio Challenge with her Master Thesis called Proyecto Da terra à água. Within this project she aims to provide a positive design addition to the Porto Riverside.

Proyecto Da terra à água also known as Building a path was created by Alicia Luis Magdaleno for her Master’s Thesis at the Polytechnic University of  Madrid. Her project was the Winner of the World Architecture Community Awards 36th Cycle, and it provides us with a novel and beautiful addition to the Porto riverside. Alicia also got the opportunity to Intern with SOM via their Shadowship Program in 2020.

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The design is placed on the bank of the river Douro as it flows through Porto. It acts as a suture, continuing the riverside walk, regenerating the landscape, sewing up the pre-existing, creating new public spaces and bridging a difference in height of more than 80 metres. The natural environment, the pre-existing constructions and the new implantation are no longer conceived as three differentiated components but as one.

The project is a sequence of atmospheres, images, visual relations, panoramas and perspectives that vary at each step the perception of the context and the situation of the visitor with respect to it.

Because the goal is not the end of the journey, but the path itself.

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How would you add to a medium sized city’s riverside? What kind of design? Leave us your thoughts/insights in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇

Images by Alicia Luis Magdaleno

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