Mt. Fuji Heritage Center

Bianca Dobru joins us again to provide another perspective on how heritage and tradition can be reflected through nature and the architecture that seeks to capture nature’s beauty. As well as the impact this spiritual place has on the culture and the identity of a nation.

Bianca Dobru was part of the Architect-USJob+J1 Visa Program last year, and has already been featured on our Portfolio Challenge series previously with work such as Yichun Zen Resort project, as well as their Karle town center in Bangalore project. Bianca now joins us for her fourth installment in the Portfolio Challenge with a project called Mt. Fuji Heritage CenterShe continues to focus on the cultural aspect of Architecture and Design with this project, but she provides more technical details when it comes to the materials being used, as well as the reasons for chosen structures.

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Bianca emphasized the importance of properly reflecting the Japanese Heritage that is tied to the grand Mount Fuji. For many Japanese it is a spiritual place that represents generations upon generations. She tries to provide a balance counter-balance to the Mountain, and it is for this reason that we see a funnel like shape that represents Mount Fuji, but inverse.

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How would you reflect the power and spirituality of a natural wonder that is tied to the culture and identity of a country? Leave us your thoughts/insights in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇

Images by Bianca Dobru

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