Cultural Center Encino

Alfredo Esparza joined us last time with a winning project called Migrant’s Lighthouse, and this time around he is submitting a project called Cultural Center Encino. Alfredo currently lives and works in Los Angeles as a Production Manager at ERA Stone and Tile. Before that he went to University in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he was able to hone his craft as an Architect. He was a Project Coordinator at Fusion del Valle, where he was in charge of working with all the different phases and teams involved in design, construction, and execution.

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In this project he seeks to design a cultural center in California that forms part of the surrounding environment and does not super impose its structure onto the spaces around it. Alfredo goes into detail about the construction documents, renderings and splits the structure into three in order to have a balanced flow between each building.

The goal was to create enough space for the community to have different buildings for different purposes.

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Images by Alfredo Esparza

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