[PORTFOLIO CHALLENGE] January winning project focused on creating a Student Hall Residence and Library all in one!

January was a month for new beginnings and community/cultural centers, as many of the projects submitted in the month of January were focused on creating collaborative spaces for the younger generation. Some of the projects also focused on redefining tight and densely populated urban centers. We had projects coming from Hong Kong to the market down the street to the new community center for your local town!

In January the incredible work of 8 architects was highlighted and shown on our platforms, and now we have the final winner with the most likes on Instagram!!

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The winner of the $30 Amazon Gift Card for this month was able to get over 235 likes on their project via Instagram. The current record of highest amount of likes was November’s winner, Macarena Chaves Martinez‘s StartMAD, which was able to attain 344 likes on Instagram!!

The first Portfolio Challenge winner of 2021 for the month of January is…… Guillermo del Rio with his project called Student Hall Residence & Library.

Guillermo del Rio started working on this project during his spring term 2017-18 at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAM) and he focused on creating a space that promotes collaboration and creativity between students, but also to provide a seamless and easy transition from personal spaces to private spaces to public spaces. Guille has also previously published, Between Sea and Cliffs, where he showed us his technical skills and love for nature. Now his is working McGinnis Chen Associates after being let go from Corgan  in Los Angeles due to the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

Image by Guillermo del Rio

If you want to see more by Guillermo del Rioscroll down to the bottom to find the rest of their project, Student Hall Residence & Library.

We want to highlight the beautiful work of the other seven incredible artists that were showcased in January!!

In second place was Sanae Khalil’s Urban Refurbishment for Plaza España which was able to garner 199 likes on Instagram. Last year, Sanae submitted An Open Atrium to the City. Sanae joined the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program family recently and got an offer from FAR+DANG at the start of the year. Sanae has collaborated to help develop international projects in the United States, Dominican Republic, and Spain. She looks forward to returning to the USA to make a beautiful impact on the Dallas architecture and design scene.

In third place was Justine Velasquez’s Young Architects Competition was able to garner over 174 likes on Instagram. She has submitted other projects that she has worked on for her thesis work at Universidad del Valleone of the more recent ones is The Park. For this months project, Justine creates a thoughtful breakdown and timeline of what the visitor will experience while talking through the ruins of the castle.

In fourth place was Yi Jun Aston’s The Upsurge Tower which was able to get 159 likes on Instagram. Yi Jun is a top notch architect in the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program, and is now has been working at Marin Architects in New York City since 2018. Within the project Yi focuses on how to incorporate nature into the dense urban area of Hong Kong.

In fifth place was Carlos de la Fuente’s Onion Sixteen which was able to win over 155 likes on Instagram. During his time at CEU San Pablo in Spain, he worked on various projects that he has submitted to the Portfolio Challenge. Carlos has been working in Madrid at ACRE Architecture since last year and has been working towards getting the opportunity to work in the USA.

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In sixth place was Javier Martin de la Fuente’s Vallehermoso Market with over 134 likes on Instagram. Previously he submitted IE Hub to the Portfolio Challenge, and now he is working at SHoP Architects in New York CityJavier focused his efforts on the façade of Vallehermoso Market by creating smaller modules made of steel that can then be connected together to create a larger structure. Check out his wonderful design and specifics about the materials he used!

In seventh place was Diana Ghervas’s Art & Creative Coworking Space with over 110 likes on Instagram. Last time, Diana provided us with the Student Hub for the Portfolio Challenge. The Art & Creative Coworking Space was focused on creating a collaborative space that can provide many different spaces for a variety of activities ranging from drama to music to art and more.

In eighth place was Bianca Dobru’s Community Arts Center which was able to win 110 likes on Instagram. More recently, Bianca has submitted work such as Yichun Zen Resort and Karle town center in Bangalore. Bianca worked at UN Studio Architecture and has worked on large projects, but she also enjoys working on her personal projects that are smaller and take into account more of her cultural roots.

Which projects for January were your top 3? Leave us your thoughts/insights in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇

Images by Guillermo del Rio

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