Territorial Planning and Equestrian Facilities

Marta Espinosa is a top notch architect in the Job+J1 Visa Program, that is now working in Los Angeles for Torrence Architects. She recently submitted her project called Territorial Planning and Equestrian Facilities, which aims to provide a space for both horses and those that ride them. Check out her cool designs and renderings!

Marta Espinosa, one of our incredibly talented architects from Spain, submitted her project called Territorial Planning and Equestrian Facilities for the Portfolio Challenge. Her inspiration is drawn from her love for Equestrian. Marta has been a horseback riding instructor for over 3 years, and now she is in Los Angeles taking on her Career goals.

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Marta has been working at Torrence Architects for just under a year now, and she loves the opportunity to be able to work with some top notch architects in Los Angeles. Before making it over to the USA, she studied at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM) for Architecture, and has wanted to combine her love for horses and architecture since she started learning how to ride a horse.

The goal of this project was to create a space for Equestrian that is designed to combine all of the necessary buildings and tools to practice riding horses and keeping them healthy and happy. As you can see below the detail that Marta goes into is incredible and the renderings allow you to put yourself there, and imagine riding horses through the fields.

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Images by Marta Espinosa

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