[PORTFOLIO CHALLENGE] October winning project focused on creating Rural Schools in Haiti

October has been a month full of surprises and even more ūüĒĚ notch projects from our amazing participants!! Our Global Community grows stronger and the showcasing of your work is gaining even more traction!! We have the October Winner for you!!! It was a close race and this time we had six cases with more than 200 likes!! ūüĎÄ

October¬†was spooky and full of surprises! We had a¬†ūüĒĚ notch show full¬†of talent from all over the world this month!! ūüôĆ

We had projects based in Haiti and projects based in York! We had a project that took on the challenge of imagining a new relationship between Earth and us. We had a project designed around Equestrian and taking care of horses.

In¬†October¬†the wonderful¬†work¬†of¬†9¬†architects were showcased, and now we have the final winner with the most likes on Instagram!! This time¬†we had¬†six projects that were able to cross the 200 likes mark, which is a 50% improvement from last month!! WOW!!! Great work!!ūüĎć

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The winner of the $30 Amazon Gift Card for this month was able to¬†¬†surpass the previous high of 262 likes garnered by ¬†Javier Martin de la Fuente‘s Epicentro Natural.¬†So¬†with no further delay… the winner for the Portfolio Challenge in October is…

Maria da Silva Menezes Reis‘¬†Rural School in Haiti, which was able to attain 293 likes on Instagram!!

Maria created this project to create a new school design that benefits the youth of Haiti in a way that takes into account their culture and specific needs according to age. Maria emphasized that the project intends to reflect on the relation that architecture establishes with its past, and its utility for those that use it. Maria graduated from Universidad Autonoma de Lisboa in 2016 and has since worked at Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos.

Images by Maria da Silva Menezes Reis

If you want to see more by Maria, scroll down to the bottom to find the rest of their project, Rural School in Haiti.

We want to shout out the other eight amazing artists that were showcased in October!! ‚̧ԳŹ We had a great turnout and this time a record breaking 6 projects with over 200 likes!

In¬†second place was¬†Toby Eccleston‘s The Ziggurat, which¬†was able to attain¬†283¬†likes on Instagram.¬†

The main focus of this project was to create a space for public use and private use, while also connecting with the river side in a way that is seamless. Toby has been able to work at HOK as a Designer and now he is working at OBR Architecture in San Diego. He graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2018, and since then has been working abroad.

In¬†third place¬†was¬†Syed Azaz Mustafa‘s¬†Martesana Social Housing,¬†which¬†received¬†261 likes on¬†Instagram.

The Martesana Project is designed according to the needs of neighbourhood and to integrate better with the community. Syed was a top student at the Politecnico Di Milano in Italy, and part of completing his academic experience included creating this wonderful project. Syed was able to get the chance to work as an entry-level architect at Gianluca Milese Architecture Studio in Milan.

In¬†fourth place¬†was¬†Alejandro Caicoya‘s¬†Intramuros¬†with¬†226 likes on Instagram.¬†

Alejandro more recently, was able to work at GF55 in New York City. The project Intramuros was created for an academic project at ETSAM РThe Polytechnic School of Madrid. The goal of the project was to create a public and private space for the community to connect.

In¬†fifth place¬†was¬†Henry Richards‘¬†York Civic Center¬†with¬†222 likes on¬†Instagram.

Henry saw it necessary to provide his interpretation of the York Civic Center, and how to improve it. It was during his time studying at University of Nottingham for his Bachelors in Architecture that he created this project. Henry views his role as an Architect, as very important and noble, especially when designing incredible spaces for the battle of ideas and proper representation of the will of the people.

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In¬†sixth place¬†was¬†Marta Calvinho‘s Paris with¬†202 likes on¬†Instagram.

Marta has taken her experience of traveling around the world, and applied it to this project, as well as her current work at Andre Kikoski Architects. During her time in Europe she was inspired by the newer building styles she was seeing, yet she wanted to expand on these designs. You can see her rendering of the sloped and weirdly shaped balconies to add some fresh aspects to the residential building in Paris.

In¬†seventh place¬†was¬†Marta Espinosa‘s¬†Territorial Planning and Equestrian Facilities¬†with¬†202 likes on¬†Instagram.

Marta got inspired for this project by her love for Equestrian. Marta has been a horseback riding instructor for over 3 years, and now she is in Los Angeles taking on her Career goals. Since working at Torrence Architects in Los Angeles she has been able to gain more experience.

In¬†eighth place¬†was¬†Alvaro Guillen‘s Cultuhipismo¬†with¬†185 likes¬†on¬†Instagram.

The aim of the project was to foster a space for discussion and the battle of ideas. Alvaro created this project during his studies at Universidad Francisco Vitoria (UFV) in Spain. The space he creates consists of a Gym, Space for Debate, Communal Gym, Algae Farm and Park, and even an Electro-Ceremony. Now Alvaro Guillen is living in San Francisco while working at AMLGM.

In ninth place¬†was¬†Yi Jun Aston‘s¬†Gaia Redemption¬†with¬†93 likes on¬†Instagram.

Aston submitted this project to the National Architecture Competition РNational Architecture Jamboree Event. More recently he graduated from University of Hartford for his Masters in Architecture, and has been working at Marin Architects in New York City since 2018.

Which projects for October¬†were your top 3?¬†Leave us your thoughts/insights in the comments section below!! ūüĎáūüĎáūüĎá

Images by Maria da Silva Menezes Reis

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