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Cultural Exhibits and International Talents around the World

There is a lot of untapped potential around us that we are unaware of that would be highly resourceful and advantageous to businesses and designers. International events in architecture, fabrication, and materials that would come in handy to improve the quality of your business and work output of your yourself and team. Attending different international events and exhibits gives you the opportunity to listen to different points of views, methods in the creative thinking process, and a global perspective to new techniques and trends. It brings public awareness to the fact that design surrounds our everyday life and we are constantly becoming a more multicultural demographic. Most importantly, it gives you a platform to interact and to make connections with people in the industry and other fields that may come in handy in the future.

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Today, most things are about connections and putting yourself on the front steps of new opportunities, and that is why many companies make their presence in these events. Not only to promote their ideals, but to learn from others, and find new talents. However, not everyone has the time or money to attend every conference, exhibit, or cultural event. That is why bringing international individuals to your team can be a priceless acquisition, as it may provide you with input that you may not get even from highly prepared or motivated local individuals. Of course, this is not the rule of thumb, but expanding your horizons and widening our areas of expertise will undeniably become one of the biggest assets to the success of your company and self. Networking in these events is probably the most important thing that you can do, trying to learn from others, and seeing how you could benefit from those that surround you.

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Much like meeting up-and-coming building industry internationals, partaking in these events can provide you with cultural insights that you may not see or hear from on a routine basis. Competitors from other regions or parts of the world will provide you with a competitive edge that will be a valuable resource to you internally and externally in the life of the company. So, as a representative or head of the company, going to these events can potentially introduce you to a valuable candidates which you’d like to bring to your team and may need to find a solution to their documentation, or finding already pre-selected candidates from international platforms such as Architect-US. In these events most participants come from all over the world ready to share information that can ignite a cross cultural exchange with you and others. It also brings about issues that we must tackle together as a society and most importantly as designers. Issues that will guide and shape our future and hopefully solve some of the problems that we face today as a society. Hence forming a cross cultural exchange and allowing the transfusion of experiences that you can only acquire from others.


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