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2020 200 Most Followed US Architects on Instagram

Have you thought about which Architecture firms are the most followed on Instagram? Do not worry! We have you covered with a list of over 200 firms ordered from most followers to least.

We have collected the 2020 200 Most Followed US Architects/Firms on Instagram, for you to be able to sort through all of the different inspiration and ideas they present. Out of these 200 firms, Architect-US works with 69 of these firms, bringing us up to over 35% Host Company Partners! We wanted to support their work and strengthen the bonds we have with our partner companies by sharing some of their work.

We also wanted to mention some of the memorable architects that have contributed towards the common work of the industry. Helping to design the world we live in! To commend and highlight the🔝 notch work of Architect-US Partner Companies and our Participants, we have also profiled some of those wonderful firms. There are firms large, medium, and small all included, and we go in to detail about the projects and experiences that firms shared with participants. It is always helpful to review how others were able to get into the position they are currently in, and how the J1 visa can assist you in your career dreams.

Find the jam-packed list of the 2020 200 Most Followed Architects on Instagram. The list starts just after Relativity Studio is mentioned in the Host Company Partners profile list.


Image by Snøhetta
Image by Snøhetta

Snøhetta, according to the Firm,

«…began as a collaborative architectural and landscape workshop, and has remained true to its trans-disciplinary way of thinking since its inception.»

They have worked on projects of all kinds ranging from museums to products for reindeer observatories to graphics to landscapes and, as they say, even dollhouses get the same care and attention to purpose.

One of our incredible Canadian talents, Diana Rosa Franco Camacho, was able to work with Snøhetta in 2019, and got the opportunity to contribute to some state of the art projects. More recently, their Path of Perspectives project, Perspektivenweg, was named by the public vote winner for the best landscape project in Dezeen Awards 2020!


Image by SOM
Image by SOM

A standard within the industry, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), consists of architects, designers, engineers and planners and their global team is responsible for some of the world’s most technically and environmentally advanced buildings and significant public spaces. They describe their approach as

«…highly collaborative, and their interdisciplinary team is international…Working from a network of creative studios across the globe, they are able to apply international expertise at a local level.»

We have been very grateful for the two different opportunities that were given to our participants. Both Esteban Becerril Pellon and Eftalia Proios Torras have tooted their experience at such an acclaimed firm, as a huge boost to their career prospects, and of course, their technical expertise. Eftalia is now in Barcelona working with SOM as an Architectural Designer, and Esteban used his time in Washington DC with SOM to become a Principal in Spain. Esteban was also able to stay in the USA working for longer due to his persistence to obtain the O1 Visa aka «The Extraordinary Artist» Visa.


Image by OMA

The Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), an iconic Dutch firm based in Rotterdam, was founded in 1975 by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and Greek architect Elia Zenghelis. They have provided Architects and Designers all over the world with inspiration to think differently and truly think outside the box.

Andres Rabano Luzano has been working with OMA for over 3 years now, and started with a J1 Visa opportunity. Andres was able to obtain the O1 Visa after finishing his J1 Visa experience with OMA. While the other participant that has been able to work with OMA, Gonzalo Samaniego Gonzalezhas been working in New York City for just under a year as a Trainee. Both have loved their experience working for such a top notch firm.

OMA is also one of the two American firms that will be participating in the first Arquia Foundation (Fundación Arquia) scholarship, in partnership with Architect-US, to be awarded for students to work in the USA. Luis Somoza was chosen the winner for the Arquia Foundation Scholarship, which is the first time that an American architecture firm accepts a Foundation Scholarship winner. After finishing his degree in Building Engineering, Luis Somoza went on to work on his Master Degree at the Polytechnic School of Architecture of Madrid, and he graduated in June 2019. Now he is looking forward to working in New York City with such an acclaimed firm.

Karim Rashid

Image by Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid, is a Design Firm lead by the iconic Karim Rashid, who has over 4000 designs in production, over 300 awards and working in over 40 countries attest to Karim’s legend of design. Karim has worked for countless high caliber brands ranging from Veuve Clicquot to 3M to Asus and Samsung to brand identity for Citibank and Sony Ericsson. By working at this firm, all of our participants that had the chance to collaborate with him have attested to his legendary Design.

Vita Giacovelli worked with Karim Rashid in Shenzhen, China back in 2016 and then got the chance to work as a Spatial Designer at their New York City office. Vita was able to travel the world while working with some of the best of the best! Alicia Palacios Moreno is another J1 Visa participant that has been given the opportunity to work with Karim in the USA, but due to the Pandemic those career plans are currently on hold.

Morphosis Architects

Image by Morphosis Architects

Morphosis Architects, a collaborative architectural practice focused on how technology, politics, and cultural intersections of architecture, urbanism, and design intersect. The firm was founded in 1972 by Design Director Thom Mayne, and with over 100 American Institute of Architects (AIA) awards they have proven themselves to be some of the top architects in the world.

After working at Norman Foster’s FoundationAndrés Conejero Conesa was able to work at Morphosis Architects in Culver City for a year and a half. Andres has since then been working as a Designer in Switzerland.

SHoP Architects

Image by SHoP Architects

SHoP Architects was founded over two decades ago with the goal of  combining diverse expertise in design to improve environments that impact our quality of public life.

Years ago we set out to prove that intelligent, evocative architecture can be made within real-world constraints.

María Moreno Repiso was able to work at SHoP Architects for half a year as a Junior Designer, and has since used this opportunity to expand her Architecture endeavors. Hagar Admi and Javier Martin de la Fuente both were able to Intern in New York City, and Javier was able to stay on since 2018. We were able to assist Javier with his transition from J1 visa to O1 visa with our partners, and he has been working there ever since he started with the J1 visa.

Diller Scofidio + Renfro

Image by Diller Scofidio + Renfro

Diller Scofidio + Renfroa design studio that works within the fields of architecture, urban design, installation art, multi-media performance, digital media, and print. DS+R’s work addresses the changing role of institutions and the future of cities. 

DS+R completed two of the largest architecture and planning initiatives in New York City’s recent history: the adaptive reuse of an obsolete, industrial rail infrastructure into the High Line, a 1.5 mile-long public park, and the transformation of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts’.

Esha Skinner was able to work with DS+R in 2018 for half a year to learn about the different techniques and experience the New York City Architecture scene, while just out of University. Now she has taken what she learned and applied it to her current work.

Thanks to Architect-US collaboration with The Arquia Foundation (Fundación Arquia), Diller Scofidio+Renfro will also be hosting another top talent from Spain via Scholarship! Felipe Sancho Cervera was chosen one of the winners for the Arquia Foundation Scholarship, and will be going over to New York City this year to get started with an incredible firm! Felipe Sancho Cervera graduated from the Masters degree in Architecture ETSAB – Barcelona Architecture School about a year ago, and is now getting ready to make the move to the USA!

TEN Arquitectos

Image by Ten Arquitectos

TEN Arquitectos AKA Taller de Enrique Norten Arquitectoswas founded in Mexico City by Enrique Norten in 1986, and by 2003 the firm was able to open up their own office in New York City. TEN Arquitectos focuses:

«…on a multitude of scales and typologies, including furniture design; single-family houses; residential, cultural and institutional buildings; as well as landscape and master planning.»

Both Nuria Heras Diez and Nieves Andrea Calvo Lopez have been able to take their initial J1 Visa experiences and turn them into longer term career decisions. Both have been able to move up in their offices, and are now references that we point to when recommending TEN ArquitectosNuria was able to obtain the O1 Visa with the help of TEN Arquitectos and our partner sponsors, and has been working with TEN Arquitectos ever since her J1 Visa.


Image by AECOM

AECOM is one of the largest Architecture and Engineering firms in the world. They have been behind countless classic projects around the globe. When working with AECOM, you are given the opportunity to work on projects ranging from transportation, buildings, water, governments, energy and the environment.

Alizée Marie Eugenie Auvray has been able to take what she learned at AECOM and apply it to her career work at Interstice Architects in San Francisco. By gaining a better understanding of what it is like to work at a large firm, she was better able to proactively view her career at a more mid-sized firm. Now she is trying to get her O1 Visa to stay for longer and extend her career in the USA.


Image by HOK

HOK, one of the golden standards in the industry, is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm with 23 studios spanning three continents. HOK has always focused on creating spaces that respond to the needs of people and the environment. We have been able to send three different participants to work with HOK over our long partnership. Claudia Conde Orozco has been with HOK at the New York City office since 2016, and has been able to move up to a full time Architect. Claudia was also able to take her experience from the J1 Visa and apply for the O1 Visa, which provided her with the ability to continue working with HOK.

Both Alexander Pearson and Toby James Eccleston are more recent participants that have been able to leverage their time at HOK to gain further employment in the USA and the UK since their J1 Visa Experience. Alexander is now working in London at Foster + Partners, while Toby has been working in at OBR Architecture in San Diego for over a year now!

HMC Architects

Image by HMC Architects & Chu+Gooding Architects & Associates

HMC Architects is an employee owned Architecture firm that focuses on residential, educational, and healthcare buildings primarily in California. Since its inception in 1940, HMC Architects has focused on a sustainable approach to design.

Just last year, we were able to send both Arturo Rodríguez López and Alberto Lozano Duran to work with them in their Sacramento and Solana Beach offices, respectively. They are already in talks to look over possible Work Visas, including the O1 Visa that provide them with longer stays. They have both taken this chance to keep their career dreams in the USA alive, and HMC has been there to support their endeavors.

Workshop APD

Image by Workshop APD

Workshop APD was founded in New York City in 1999 by Principals Matt Berman and Andrew Kotchen.

«Workshop/APD is not bound by project type or a singular aesthetic, actively leveraging past experiences to solve a myriad of design challenges. The firm offers an environment that fosters creativity and embraces technological advances in products, design, and materials.»

Their process, according to all three of the participants, is views collaboration as crucial to bringing together the necessary set of expertise to fulfill all design requirements. Eva Sanchez MorenoMaria de las Mercedes Bernal Maurandi, and Suana Victoria Escudero Guillen were all able to work in New York City with Workshop APDDuring Suana’s time there she was able to work on projects such as 2420 Amsterdam Hotel,NY, and Asbury Park Transit Village, Asbury Park,NJ. Their commitment to collaboration is clear in the technique and form in which they teach and show their new hires how they work.

Studio Tack

Image by Studio Tack

Studio Tack was founded in 2012 in New York City, and they specialize in hospitality with an emphasis on collaborative design.

They highlight and are proud of the «…diverse group of people and thinking with backgrounds in architecture, interiors, real estate, construction, branding and creative direction.»

Laura Cerpa Marrero has been working with Studio Tack for over a nine months now, and has been loving their experience so far. Laura has been able to assist with her experience from previous work in Spain and studies at ETSAMShe is looking forward to possibly continuing her work in the USA to continue pursuing her life long dreams.

Andre Kikoski Architects

Image by Andre Kikoski Architects

Andre Kikoski Architectsan internationally renowned firm that consistently creates compelling design in a variety of social and cultural contexts. The firm’s diverse portfolio includes iconic cultural, residential, hospitality and retail projects for accomplished entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and taste-makers including Guggenheim Museum, Hudson Yards, Saks Fifth Avenue, Swarovski Crystal, and most recently DHA Capital at 75 Kenmare Street.

Marta Calvinho has been an Architectural Designer with Andre Kikoski Architects for just under two years now, and they are looking at other possible Work visas to have her stay for longer since the work relationship has been so cohesive and effective. Marta recently mentioned to us that Andre has personally been able to work with her on some interesting projects and has learned so much from her first years.

Handel Architects

Image by Handel Architects

Handel Architects is a world-wide firm focused on urban issues centered around sustainability and the creation of vital urban environments.

«The firm’s emphasis is on understanding the forces that shape the urban environment and how each project, from large-scale urban planning to a single high-impact urban building can become a catalyst for positive urban change.»

Handel Architects is award-winning and is known for such projects like Union House, Madison House, and the Millennium Tower Boston.

Caterina de la Portilla Borrego was able to work with Handel Architects in Boston in 2017, and since then has gone on to create her own academic practice that seeks to help Young Architects learn and improve. Caterina was able to assist with thee Greenpoint Masterplan in Brooklyn, as well as on the concept and idea team for the tallest residential building in Boston.

While Paula Hernández Mateo and Jorge Valcarcel Cavalle were also able to take their experiences from Handel Architects and apply it to their individual careers. Paula was able to attain work at Inglese Architecture and is currently working there after she got the O1 Visa awarded to her. Jorge went a little bit of a different route, and is now working on Enterprise Design and Architecture at WeWork in New York City.

FX Collaborative

Image by FX Collaborative

FX Collaborative has a team made up of diverse expertise in architecture, interiors, and planning.

They state that their firm’s holistic approach «…integrates client aspirations, an urban sensibility, and a celebration of the craft of building.»

Their projects range from office towers to multi-family residences to cultural facilities to K-12 and higher-education institutions. They even go as far as to design Transportation hubs and urban design that defines how communities interact.

Alejandro Tintore King went from being an Urban Design Intern to a full-time Designer with FX Collaborative, and he was able to make these moves in under two years. Thus, you can see the opportunity for learning and growing within the firm that FX Collaborative provides their young Professionals.

Kieran Timberlake

Image by Kieran Timberlake

Kieran Timberlakesince 1984, has been programming, planning, and designing new structures, and also focused on conserving and renovating structures. Their expertise is centered around education, government, arts and culture, civic, and residential projects. They have received hundreds of design citations, including the Firm Award from the American Institute of Architects in 2008 and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for Architecture from the Smithsonian Institution in 2010.

Jae Pil Yoo was able to work with Kieran Timberlake in their Philadelphia office, which was an incredible opportunity for Jae to be able to apply his learnings from a Masters in Architecture from the University of Toronto. Now he is working at a firm in Toronto called CY Lee Architects.

Cetra Ruddy

Image by Cetra Ruddy

Cetra Ruddy uses their passion for design excellence and innovation to create beautiful masterpieces that define a space.

According to Cetra Ruddy, Projects «…are intellectually crafted and have a depth of content that create design and an architecture of memory.»

Cetra Ruddy applies their design and skills to a diverse set of project types that include residential, cultural/educational, commercial and corporate interiors.

Founding principals John Cetra and Nancy Ruddy have been providing quality design for more than 30 years.

Both Rodrigo Castroviejo Corzana and Miguel de la Ossa Peinador were able to learn from these strategies and tactics to improve their skills and become better architects. For example, Rodrigo has been working in New York City with Cetra Ruddy for over four years now! That is incredible news! Rodrigo was able to stay workin in the USA for four years because he made the transition from the J1 visa to the O1 Visa. He was able to use his network and hard work to show the firm value worth investing in.

Miguel was able to take his two years working there and his design development experience from the Synagogue renovation (Oyster Bay, NY), and his schematic design experience on the Roman and Williams Renewal. Both have been able to further their careers if they stayed or did not at Cetra Ruddy.


Image by CORGAN

Corgan views their long-term success attributed to their strengths in research, user experience, and design. This strategy gives Corgan the ability to see emerging changes and provide solutions that create flexibility and longevity for the structure and space. They have offices all over the world, but have their main hub in Dallas.

Guillermo del Rio Cogolludorecently sat down with us for an interview about his experience getting hired in Corgan LA, and then due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19 had to find new work in San Francisco with McGinnis Chen Associates.

Relativity Architects

Image by Relativity Architects

Relativity Architects (RA) is a Los Angeles based architectural studio founded in 2013 by Tima Bell and Scott Sullivan.

«RA pursues projects that demand innovative and progressive answers. Whether in a piece of furniture or an urban master plan, our ambitions are to materialize inventive solutions into influential, evocative and functional design projects. RA produced a body of work that has fused the physical built landscape and the cultural art world in a unparalleled methods.»

They view themselves as a firm that must pursue the development of culturally relative architecture. According to both Fernanda Dias de Azevedo and Carolina Heras Fernández, who have worked with Relativity Architects, they valued their experience there because the firm is committed to architectural innovation, design collaboration, and construction excellence.

Now that we have gone over some of our Host Company Partners and the Participants we have been able to assist in their career dreams with them, we wanted to also provide an interesting ranking of 2020 200 of the most followed US Architects/Firms on Instagram. You can take this list and start to see where firms rank, and if there are trends that show according to firm size, focus, company goals, etc.

Let us know what you are able to create from this list and share with the community your insight below in the comments!! 👇👇👇👇


Ranking Company name
(in green Architect-US Partner Companies)
IG handle
(direct link below)
1 Snøhetta snohetta 509,000
2 Bjarke Ingels Group big_builds 476,000
3 Herzog & de Meuron herzogdemeuron 461,000
4 Foster + Partners fosterandpartners 331,000
5 McClean Design mccleandesign 258,000
6 Steven Holl Architects stevenhollarchitects 219,000
7 Skidmore Owings and Merrill LLP skidmoreowingsmerrill 211,000
8 OMA New York omanewyork 206,000
9 Karim Rashid Inc karim_rashid_inc 205,100
10 Studio Libeskin daniellibeskin 196,000
11 Richard Meier & Partners richardmeierpartners 186,000
12 Renzo Piano Building Workshop rpbw_architects 181,000
13 Rex Nichols Architects rexnicholsarchitects 151,000
14 3XN GXN 3xnarchitects 146,000
15 Gensler gensler_design 132,000
16 McALPINE mcalpinehouse 129,000
17 Olson Kunding olsonkundig 127,000
18 Frank Gehry frankgehry 119,000
19 Morphosis Architects morphosisarchitects 117,400
20 Interior Marketing Group img_nyc 112,000
21 SHoP Architects shoparchitects 109,000
22 ARUP Group arupgroup 88,100
23 Mecanoo mecanoo_ 77,900
24 Studio Gang studiogang 76,700
25 Steven Harris Architects stevenharrisarchitects 76,500
26 Roman and Williams roman_and_williams_ 76,100
27 Diller Scofidio + Renfro diller_scofidio_renfro 75,000
28 Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design kobikarp 74,900
29 Kohn Pederson Fox Associates kohnpedersonfox 71,000
30 Perkins&Will perkinswill 68,800
31 Peter Pennoyer Architects perterpennoyerarchitects 67,400
32 Peter Marino Architect petermarinoarchitect 63,800
33 Fuksas Architects fuksas_architects 60,800
34 Rockwell Group rockwellgroup 58,600
35 Adjaye Associates adjayeassociates 53,800
36 Yabu Pushelberg yabupushelberg 53,600
37 MOS, Meredith, Sample mmmosarchitects 46,300
38 Paul Bates Architects paulbatesarchitects 43,300
39 IA Interior Architects iaarchitects 42,100
40 Lake Flato Architects lakeflato 41,200
41 Hassell hassell_studio 40,700
42 Fernando Romero free_fernando_romero 38,300
43  TEN Arquitectos ten_arquitectos_ 33,700
44 SDH Studio sdh_studio 33,500
45 Faulkner Architects faulknerarchitects 32,700
46 Safdie Architects safdiearchitects 32,600
47 AECOM aecom 32,400
48 Deborah Berke Partners deborahberkepartners 31,700
49 SO-IL solidobjectives 30,100
50 HOK hoknetwork 30,100
51 Robert A.M. Stern Architects ramsarchitects 29,500
52 Oppenheim Architecture oppenheimarchitecture 27,000
53 James Corner Field Operations fieldoperations 26,700
54 Alterstudio alterstudio 25,500
55 Bates Masi + Architects batesmasi 23,800
56 FGP Atelier fgpatelier 22,800
57 Bohlin Cywinski Jackson bohlincywinskijackson 22,600
58 Matt Fajkus Architecture mf.architecture 22,500
59 ZGF Architects zgfarchitects 21,200
60 Rafael Viñoly Architects rva_ny 20,600
61 WOJR wojr_org 20,400
62 Stantec stantec 19,800
63 Wendell Burnette Architects wendellburnettearchitects 19,600
64 MASS Design Group massdesigngroup 19,500
65 Walker Warner Architects walkerwarnerarchitects 18,900
66 Carlo Ratti Associati crassociati 18,700
67 John B. Murray Architect jbmarchitect 17,800
68 SheltonMindel sheltonmindel 17,400
69 HKS Architects hksarchitects 16,900
70  Workshop workshopapd 16,600
71 Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney eyrcarchitects 16,400
72 Workshop/APD workshopapd 16,400
73 Lafarge Holcim lafargeholcim 16,300
74 Ike Kligerman Barkley ikekligermanbarkley 16,100
75 Rees Roberts + Partners reesrobertspartners 15,900
76 Standard Architecture standardarchitecture 15,800
77 Grade New York grade_newyork 15,300
78 Sasaki sasakidesign 15,100
79 The Up Studio Theupstudio 14,900
80 Morris Adjmi Architects morrisadjmiarchitects 14,500
81 Troutbeck troutbeck.ny 14,100
82 NBBJ nbbjdesign 13,700
83 Eric Owen Moss Architects ericowenmoss 13,500
84 CLB Architects clbarchitects 13,500
85 Michael Hsu Office hsuoffice 13,300
86 SHED Architecture and Design shedarchitecture 13,200
87 Bestor Architecture bestorarchitecture 13,000
88 Hirsch Bedner Associates hirschbednerassociates 12,800
89 Edmonds Lee Architects edmondsleearchitects 12,300
90 Axis Mundi John Beckman axismundidesign 12,000
91 CannonDesign cannondesign 11,900
92 Kersting Architecture kerstingarch 11,900
93 Michael K. Chen Architecture mkcarchitecture 11,800
94 Fairfax & Sammons Architecture fairfaxandsammons 11,200
95 Work Architecture work.ac 11,200
96 Restoration Hardware restorationhardwareinspo 11,100
97 Studio Tack studiotack 11,100
98 Bluarch bluarch 11,000
99 WORKac work.ac 10,900
100 Nequette Architecture & Design nequettearchitecture 10,700
101 HDR Inc hdr_inc 10,600
102 Johnston Marklee johnstonmarklee 10,300
103 RICASTUDIO rica_studio 10,200
104 Thomas Phifer and Partners thomasphiferandpartners 10,100
105 Populous wearepopulous 10,100
106 Andre Kikoski Architects andrekikoski 9,805
107 DLR Group dlr_group 9,628
108 Charlap Hyman & Herrero ch_herrero 9,567
109 Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects loharchitects 9,302
110 Miller Hull Partnership millerhull 9,260
111 Studio Aubergine studioaubergine 9,141
112 The Raleigh Architecture Co. the_raleigh_architecture_co 9,112
113 Graham Baba Architects grahambabaarchitects 9,082
114 Assembledge+ assembledge 8,339
115 Wilson Asociates wilsonassoc 8,248
116 Jacobs jacobsconnects 8,245
117 DAS Architects dasarchitects 7,993
118 READ Architecture Design DPC re_a_d 7,865
119 Andrew Franz Architect PLLC andrewfranzarchitect 7,749
120 Aidlin Darling Design aidlindarlingdesign 7,726
121 Reddymade Architecture reddymadedesign 7,722
122 Rottet Studio LLC rottetstudio 7,560
123 M-Rad mrad.inc 7,501
124 Project M Plus projectmplus 7,370
125 Handel Architects handelarchitects 7,342
126 David Baker Architects davidbakerarchitects 7,101
127 SmithGroup smithgroup 7,038
128 Chioco Design chioco_design 7,005
129 Plato Studio plato.studio 6,980
130 nArchitects narchitects_pllc 6,890
131 Choeff Levy Fischman choefflevyfischman 6,876
132 Only If onlyif_arch 6,860
133 KTGY Architecture and Planning ktgygroup 6,851
134 Ken Linsteadt Architects kenlinsteadtarchitects 6,657
135 Dull Olson Weekes – IBI Group Architects Inc ibi_group 6,567
136 Wade Weissmann Architecture wadeweissmannarchitecture 6,322
137 Brooks+Scarpa Architects brooks_scarpa 6,309
138 Stillwater Architecture LLC stillwaterarchitecture 6,248
139 West 8 west8design 6,069
140 [STRANG] strang_design 6,015
141 Malcolm Davis Architecture malcolmdavisarchitecture 5,434
142 Callison RTKL callisonrtkl 5,374
143 LMN Architects lmnarchitects 5,067
144 ODA Architecture oda_architecture 4,995
145 FX Collaborative fxcollaborative 4,982
146 Mancini Duffy mancini_duffy 4,787
147 Marvel Architects marvelarchitects 4,783
148 Adrian Smith+Gordon Gill Architecture asggarch 4,758
149  Young Projects young_projects 4,740
150 Tacklebox Architecture tacklebox_ny 4,702
151 Ennead Architects enneadarchitects 4,659
152 Jeffrey Beers International jeffreybeersinternational 4,647
153 LDa Architecture & Interiors lda_design 4,627
154 Leroy Street Studio Architecture, D.P.C. leroystreetstudio 4,595
155 Kieran Timberlake kierantimberlake 4,529
156 Cetra Ruddy cetraruddy 4,283
157 Corgan corganinc 4,220
158 Robert Gurney Architect FAIA robertgurneyarchitect 4,076
159 Other Projects otherprojectsnyc 4,068
160 Whipple Russell Architects whipplerussellarchitects 4,054
161 Architecture Plus Information a_plus_i 4,036
162 Mark Zeff Design markzeffdesign 3,972
163 LPA lpainc 3,961
164 Cicognani Kalla Architect cicognanikallaarchitect 3,891
165 Melissa Ervin Interior Design melissaervininteriordesign 3,880
166 XTEN Architecture xtenarchitecture 3,817
167 STUDIOS Architecture studiosarchitecture 3,764
168 Wheeler Kearns Architects wheelerkearnsarchitects 3,655
169 BNIM bnimarchitects 3,620
170 Dattner Architects dattnerarch 3,504
171 Desai Chia Architecture desaichiaarchitecture 3,460
172 Elkus Manfredi Architects elkusmanfredi 3,451
173 Maydan Architects maydan_architects 3,443
174 BKSK Architects LLP bkskarchitects 3,421
175 Studio Christian Wassmann christianwassmann 3,415
176 Copenhagenizine Design Co. copenhageziners 3,376
177 Doo Architecture dooarchitecture 3,373
178 Relativity Architects relativityarchitects 3,281
179 Solomon Cordwell Buenz solomoncordwellbuenz 3,178
180 Topology Eyewear (Bespoke Inc.) topologyeyewear 3,034
181 Beyer Blinder Belle beyerblinderbelle 2,936
182 HMC Architects hmcarchitects 2,915
183 PFA Architects pfaarchitecture 2,830
184 Bittoni Architects bittoniarchitects 2,792
185 F A R + D A N G faranddang 2,690
186 One Hat One Hand onehatonehand 2,410
187 S9 Architecture s9architecture 2,361
188 Neukomm jgneukomm 2,312
189 Christian Lahoude Studio christianlahoudestudio 2,187
190 MEIS meisarchitects 2,146
191 Landworks Studio inc landworksstudio 2,069
192 Von Dalwig vondalwig 1,785
193 MN DPC mndpc_ny 1,781
194 Bulley and Andrews LLC bulleyandrews1891 1,723
195 Paragon Solutions (before: BUILD ACADEMY INC) paragonpeople 1,599
196 Tom Cody Design tomcodydesign 1,586
197 Duncan Miller Ullman designdmu 1,427
198 Bermello Ajamil & Partners Inc bermelloajamil 1,282
199 AT Architects atarchitectsuk 1,207
200 Alloy Development alloy.bk 1,168
201 JW Architects LTD jwarchitects 1,167

We want to thank all of our Host Company Partners and all of our Participants and Community for being part of this incredible network of top notch firms and wonderful people. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions regarding your current situation and where you want to go! We are always here to help, so if you have any questions drop them down below and we will respond ASAP. 👇👇👇👇👇

Join the Architect-US family, and take advantage of the information and insight we have for you for free. DO NOT FORGET THE Portfolio Plans to Career Advice. Our Selection Committee of architects and designers with 10+ years of experience are a highly-qualified resource for you to take advantage while planning your next steps. Let us know where you stand in your career!


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