Most Promising Architectural Firms in the US

So, you’re ready to fly across the pond and receive training from some of the best architectural firms in the U.S. But have you decided which company you’re applying for? After all, the US has one of the largest construction markets in the world, with current expenditures breaching over $1.2 billion (€999 million).

To help with your scouting, we’ve looked into some of the most promising companies you should be researching. And here are some of them:

Graham Baba Architects

Graham Baba Architects is a Washington-based company that works in most architecture fields, from commercial areas to cultural spaces. However, their best designs are houses and residential buildings. They’re the bright minds behind the Orchard Canyon Residence—a spacious vacation space in East Washington, and the Phinney Ridge Residence—a contemporary house in Seattle. Incidentally, Washington is a really great place for residential architects, as a report from Up For Growth and ECONorthwest informs that the state is always in need of new houses.

They’re not always hiring for interns, but when there’s an open slot, you can email info@grahambaba.com. If you get a job, however, you automatically receive training.

NELSON Worldwide, LLC

NELSON is an award-winning architectural firm that’s known for its modern and vibrant commercial designs. For instance, many of Levi’s and Element by Westin’s locations were designed by NELSON. While they have 25 offices globally, their HQ is located in Minnesota.

Minnesota has been a growing business hub for years, and even ranked in ‘CNBC America’s Top States for Business’ back in 2019. This is largely because the state encourages the formation of startups. Aspiring Minnesota LLC startups only need to complete a few requirements and formalities, making it easy to create a business. Aside from the articles of organization, they only need an operating agreement and an EIN to get started. There’s also a lot of community support, so many Minnesota businesses move past the five-year survivability line and continue to grow after. NELSON was one of them, and their world-recognized designs are proof of this.

NELSON career slots are always limited. But you can check www.nelsonworldwide.com/careers/ often and wait for an opening. Sometimes, they’ll offer internships as well.

Brooks + Scarpa, Inc

Brooks + Scarpa is an interior design, engineering, and architecture planning firm that specializes in geometric and creative designs. They’ve done a lot of art centers like 18th Street in California, the Aronson Fine Arts Center at Laumeier Sculpture Park, and the American Tropical Museum of Art. Created in 1991, its owners decided to settle down in Santa Monica, California but later moved to Hawthorne where the atmosphere was a lot more colorful. It’s even where the Hawthorne Arts Complex—home of South Bay’s “largest community of artists”—is located.

Of course, they stayed in the state because of California’s amazing corporate atmosphere. After all, if the state were a country, its economy would be the fifth-largest in the world.

Email info@brooksscarpa.com to inquire about training or internships.

There are many promising architectural firms across the U.S. that can help you build your career in the industry. There’s one for every type of niche too, from residential to commercial, so you can always focused on what you want to specialize in.



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