How a J1 Visa Architect conquered her fears and took the leap to move to the USA

In the beginning of the interview with Daniela, Pati asks her about background. She is from Chile, studied for 6 years to become an architect, after she graduated she had already been following Architect-US for 2 years. She always had the dream while still in College.

Daniela mentioned that sometimes you see stuff online and you are not sure if it is the real deal. Was trying to find different ways to make it to the USA as an architect. Daniela started by reading our blogs and then kept following along different participants’ experiences. First challenge she faced was the language barrier and professional vocabulary and language. Second challenge was that there is so much that is unknown and you do not know what you are going to face. You dont know how hard it is going to be. Last challenge was the dedication of time and how much will you be dedicating to this decision.

Daniela said she was very nervous about interview via computer. Architect-US was sending her various offers and was not sure if she was gonna make a strong impression via online. Only interviewed with one company, and got the job with them! She did the research and tried to find what they do that she is passionate about! She loves the concept of accessible architecture, meaning their mission to provide affordable housing for all was something that made her want to work with Inglese. She felt like she overprepared and put too many stick it notes around her computer.

In her experience, the interview is more about your attitude and how happy you are. It is not so much about what you say but rather what you are excited about and what makes them feel comfortable and willing to work with you. Salary negotiation: Glassdoor is not a good reference for a J1 Visa participant salary in architecture. The algorithm seems off and does not reflect the real salary expectations. It is best to put out the range if you know. Also just be honest, since you are new in the market you can tell them that you think it might be A range, but you are willing to negotiate to see what works for both parties.

She is currently working on Social Housing in West Orange, and it is a multi-housing space.

Learn more about Daniela’s incredible story and how she was able to make the move to New Jersey and redefine her career in Architecture.

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