York Civic Center

Henry Richards shares with the Architect-US community his renderings and designs for the York Civic Center, which he created during his Bachelors at Nottingham University. Learn about how he creates each rendering for each layer of the structure. The eye for detail is very interesting and can’t be missed!

Henry Richards is originally from the United Kingdom and he saw it necessary to provide his interpretation of the York Civic Center. As you can see in the renderings below, Henry used this opportunity to practice his rendering and design skills while at University of Nottingham for his Bachelors in Architecture. He has been working towards the opportunity to work abroad and expand his career prospects.

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York Civic Center is broken down into each level of the building, and we see how Henry designs the inflow and outflow of people. Obviously, it is important that a Civic Center have easy access and that it fully provides for every citizen within York. Each render provides a different perspective of each floor, and at the end it is the combination of all of the renders that creates the final design for the Civic Center.

Henry views his role as an Architect, as very important and noble, especially when designing incredible spaces for the battle of ideas and proper representation of the will of the people.

In September he just started working at EPR Architects in London as an Architectural Assistant.

What are the 3 main factors that must be taken into account when designing a Civic Center? Leave us your thoughts/insights in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇

Images by Henry Richards

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