Since graduating from Universidad Francisco Vitoria in Spain, Alvaro Guillen has been working towards the opportunity to work at AMLGM in San Francisco. Here we learn about his style and interests as a young professional. Find out more about his project called Cultuhipismo.

Alvaro Guillen‘s “Cultuhipismo” was created with the aim of fostering a space for discussion and the battle of ideas. Alvaro created this project during his studies at Universidad Francisco Vitoria (UFV) in Spain. The space he creates consists of a Gym, Space for Debate, Communal Gym, Algae Farm and Park, and even an Electro-Ceremony.

What is an Electro-Ceremony? It consists of a space for dancing and expressing your emotions. Every aspect of life is covered in this design. Throughout the design is a deep underlying dedication to sustainability.

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As you can tell, many of these experiences in the design are tied to the sustainability of the community and require a deeper understanding of self, in order to value others.

Now Alvaro Guillen is living in San Francisco while working at AMLGMHe worked his way towards his career change to the USA, and emphasized the value that his internship experience at NH Hotels gave him fresh out of University.

How would you design a positive space for the battle of ideas to take place?!?! Leave us your thoughts/insights in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇


Images by Alvaro Guillen

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