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To NYC for Christmas

To NYC for Christmas

When I started to believe that working at MEIS Architects in Venice Beach couldn’t be any better and that all my dreams about getting my first job in the USA couldn’t be closest to perfection for me, a couple of months ago we got the news about going to NYC for Christmas party with the office! All the years both studios, NYC and LA get together for Christmas in each city turnover and this year is NYC’s turn!

I’m so excited to go to NYC for Christmas see the Big Apple at Christmas with all the beautiful light decoration, see some exhibitions I’m so willing to visit and some shopping!NYC is always a great plan so there I go!

We are going to sleep at the famous ACE Hotel in Manhattan, and then we’ll head to have dinner at the office principal’s house to eat lobster! Can’t believe until I’ll be there! A bit scary about that NYC winter’s famous cold though! Compared to LA is gonna be hard!


Silvia Ruiz-Poveda Lomba

Trainee at MEIS ArchitectsLos Angeles

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