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[PORTFOLIO CHALLENGE] September winning project focused on amplifying Nature around

September brought us even more 🔝 notch projects from some of the most incredible talent!! Without borders we are uniting the community!! We have the September Winner for you!!! It was a close race!!

September was no different to the last couple of months! We had an incredible showcasing of talent from across the globe!! 🙌

We had projects based in Asia and projects based in Puerto Rico! We had a project that took on the challenge of creating the training grounds for extreme sports and training that included “crossing the River Styx“.

In September we were able to highlight the 🔝notch work of 8 architects, we have the final winner with the most likes on Instagram!! In the end we had three projects that were able to cross the 200 likes mark!! 👍

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The winner of the $30 Amazon Gift Card for this month was able to  surpass the previous high of 252 likes garnered by Yi Jun Aston‘s The Hive @ Sydney, Australia. So without further ado… the Winner is……

Javier Martin de la Fuente‘s Epicentro Natural, which was able to attain 262 likes on Instagram!!

Javier created this project while working towards his Bachelor’s in Architecture at IE School of Architecture. He used Illustrator, Photoshop, Autocad, and Rhinoceros.

The main focus was to highlight the nature around the building. It is for this reason that he called it Natural Epicenter. Within the renderings you can better understand how Javier was able to emphasize the beautiful landscape.

Now Martin de la Fuente is working in New York City at SHoP Architects. He began as an Entry Level Designer and was able to work his way up to a Designer position in a year.

Images by Javier Martin de la Fuente

If you want to see more by Javier, scroll down to the bottom to find the rest of their project, Epicentro Natural.

We want to shout out the other seven amazing artists that were showcased in September!! ❤️ We had a great turnout and three projects with over 200 likes!

In second place was Bianca Dobru‘s Yichun Zen Resort where she used Japanese Cedar Laminated Lumber for the design. Bianca worked at UN Studio Architecture and has also worked on Karle town center in Bangalore.

Yichun Zen Resort was able to attain 250 likes on Instagram.

In third place was Carlos Alcalá Santaella MacĂ­as‘s Ponce Intercontinental with 240 likes on Instagram. Carlos wanted to redesign the Intercontinental hotel, which also has been rumored of being haunted by the local population. Carlos is working as a BIM Architect at FL-ARE in Madrid, Spain. Previously he worked at Adam Bresnik Architects as a Junior Architect.

In fourth place was Carlos de la Fuente‘s Project Styx, which is an academic project he created during his time at CEU San Pablo in Spain. Carlos wanted to create a space for high performance training in Extreme Sports. One of his biggest inspirations and goals was to face the reality of such a hard training through the Hell (Inferno). This is where the name gets its origin. Project Styx was able to win over 201 likes on Instagram.

In fifth place was Guillermo del Rio‘s Between Sea and Cliffs, which he finished at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAM). Guillermo was able to gain 154 likes on Instagram. In Between Sea and Cliffs, we see how he uses his sketching and great rendering to pair for an incredible experience. Since graduating in 2018 he has traveled from Madrid to Iceland to California. Now his is working McGinnis Chen Associates.

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In sixth place was Ellina Poltavtseva‘s XI’AN TRAIN STATION (Not all landscapes should be green!), made in collaboration with Anna Spaggiari, was able to get 117 likes on Instagram. Ellina also worked in  Beijing at MAD Architects. Ellina states “This is perspective of a city of the future, where Xi’An is not just known worldwide for its culture and history but also as a symbol of technological progress.”

In seventh place was Justine Velasquez‘s The Park for the Bachelor Thesis won 98 likes on Instagram.  Justine provided us with her Thesis for her studies at Universidad del Valle. Velasquez sought to create a park that also includes an area for artistic experimentation and community connection.

In eighth place was Alvaro Follana’s El Taller de los Sueños was created at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Follana had the opportunity to do an academic internship at CarpinterĂ­a La Navarra. Follana was able to garner 79 likes on Instagram.

Which projects for September were your top 3? Leave us your thoughts/insights in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇



Images by Javier Martin de la Fuente

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