[REPLAY] Learn about how BIM specialization helps you stand out & win higher pay

In the beginning of the interview CEO Pati Garcia begins talking about how Alberto Reguero got the opportunity to work at various top notch firms in London and eventually Riyadh and Doha. Although Alberto was not part of the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program, he commended the value that it brings Young Professionals that are just starting out.

Pati then went on to talk about the value that work abroad brings to your career, and how Alberto was able to make the move to Saudi Arabia only a couple years after graduating. Similar to PatiAlberto at first went to London to work at Bryden Wood Associates where he was able to gain a better sense of design and more confidence in his skillset. Unfortunately, with the Global Recession of 2008 came a downturn in demand for new buildings, so Alberto had to go knocking at every firm’s door to find a job. After an intense and scrupulous job search he found one in TYPSAHe was asked to relocate to Riyadh in order to help their design team work with the Madrid Design team.

Part of the reason why he accepted the work in Riyadh was due to his new found interest in BIM software, and the power it provides the design team to create many different mock ups in a quick amount of time. Once he had finished his started his Masters in Project Management at ETSAM he realized that he enjoyed the administration of design and creating the plans for others to execute.

At first the culture in the Middle East was a little difficult to adapt to since there were no movie theaters, there were no bars, and you had to adhere to the religion there. Over time, Alberto found his niche and was able to create a home for himself there. He even started creating his own wine in his home!

For his first day of work at TYPSA, he was introduced to the design department, and he enjoyed his job and the potential to move up in the company over time. He started learning a lot and gaining more skills over time, especially in AutoCAD and software. He learned about multi-disciplined approaches and how to collaborate with your team via online methods since he was always working back and forth between Riyadh and Madrid for the Design team.

There is always something to learn from another professional and/or their culture. You can improve your craft just by viewing how others do their own craft, and talking to them about why they might do something one way or another. Get their feedback!

Alberto is grateful for being in the Middle East in early 2010s to be able to experience working in a large office on large projects with BIM being a crucial part of the design process. BIM according to him is a set of tools to minimize irregularities in the design and it helps to produce design and it is quicker and you can see many different versions of the design. It helps to keep the stakeholders all on the same page and helps builders reduce possible problems! 

BIM building layout also helps the building operators by providing them with a model that gives them a bunch of information about the building itself. BIM is a single language that all stakeholders understand. So it simplifies all processes and it also creates one model with all the important information included. BIM is not a software, it is how you manage information from different parties and how you organize it to show in a clearly and organized way for all stakeholders.

He ends the interview emphasizing the value of technology and how it will make a huge impact on the industry, and already has. In terms of most vital computer software he mentioned REVIT as the most important! Dynamo is going to be very useful to optimize and gain efficiency in plans.

By trying to improve your minor tasks that you do every day, and staying highly motivated at all costs you can succeed.

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