Martesana Social Housing

Syed Mustafa has worked his way from his hometown of Lahore to Milan and soon to be the USA! At the Politecnico Di Milano he was able to get top scores in his class. Martesana Social Housing is a perfect example of his style and skills. Syed was able to create the space for housing that focuses on creating a strong sense of community and trust amongst the citizens.

Syed Azaz Mustafa received top scores at the Politecnico Di Milano in Italy for his Academic Project titled Martesana Social Housing. Syed was able to get the chance to work as an entry-level architect at Gianluca Milese Architecture Studio in Milan during his studies where his style was largely influenced.

The Martesana Project is designed according to the needs of neighbourhood and to integrate better with the community. Different blocks of the projects are designed according to the specific target groups and their needs so the project can be integral part of urban fabric.

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The Project has been divided into two parts, one is public and other one is semi private which is achieved through raising the level of certain areas thus giving the sense of separation while creating more connected spaces between the two. According to Mustafa, “The goal of designing the space for Urban activities on the lower level is so a vibrant and lively community can be realized, and strengthened through shared activities that create trust.”

Syed used AutoCAD, SketchUp, Lumion, and photoshop to create this masterpiece!

How would you design a social housing structure in your community?!?! Leave us your thoughts/insights in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇


Images by Syed Azaz Mustafa

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