Shelter in place – working form home

Hola everyone,

I hope you are safe and feeling well in this crazy times. I wanted to talk about something different, but it seems kind of impossible due to the current situation we are all experiencing. The COVID-19 has now arrived to the entire world.

So far, I have been feeling great, but this time has definitely been scary and worrying. At the beginning of the new year I started to read about this –now pandemic- new virus, and I thought wow, this is really scary. As the time went by and China and the Europe started suffering really bad, my concerns of going to work every day and going out with friends started to increase. A few more weeks pass by and the San Francisco mayor, London Breed, declared that the city was going to be the first one to implement the shelter-in-place state.

Things changed really fast in just a few days. At work, we all had to start working from home. We use desktops, so the office had to do an incredible work to set us all up to be able to work remotely. This has been working out really well, so I feel very lucky by having this opportunity.

Been at home all day is something new to all of us, specially young people. We are all used to go out all the time, just to buy some snack or to meet some friends. So this new idea and just the feeling of not being able to go out has been kind of weird to me. Even though California allows –for now- to go for a quick run o walk around the block, I have tried to do it as less as possible.

The good thing is that I have had the chance to do some things that I don´t do anymore. I started to play board games again, I had forgot how much I loved playing UNO cards or Scrabble. I started cooking more elaborated meals and I even learnt how to cut my own hair!

As we don´t know for how long this is going to last, I can just say: stay home and be safe!

Alejandro Alonso

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