First month in Chicago

My friend with whom I live together picked me up from the airport at O’Hare. I was very excited that this journey and experience has finally begun after months of planning and uncertainty. At first, it was mainly just unpacking, settling in and getting over the jet lack. As I arrived on a Friday I had the entire weekend to do so and prepare for my first week at work which was nice.

When Monday came and I arrived at my company I was greeted very warmly. It was fun getting to know my colleagues and learning their office routines. As always things can be a little stressful in the beginning as there is so much to learn and to adjust to. My colleagues always give me the feeling that it’s ok to make mistakes and don’t pressure me to know everything at once. Their easy-going attitude helped me to quickly catch on to their projects and learn AutoCad (which I haven’t used before).

I got to join on a visit to a big light manufacturer and see their factory and production process which was extremely interesting and informative. I also went on site visits of various projects we are currently working on and learning about the space in person.

I love the diversity of projects in our office and because I am working in a small office (4 people) I get to be involved in the entire Architectural process and incorporate my ideas which is AWESOME!

It has been a very exciting first month of the 18 months in my program and I am excited for the rest to come!

This past week has been a little alarming with the Corona Virus also spreading here in the US though. Currently, I will still be going to work in the office but we will see about the upcoming weeks and if I will work from home for a while and how our normal lives will have to change in these times.

Staying positive and looking forward to warmer days in Chicago as Spring is slowly arriving!

Miriam Mouchtar

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