The best way to move around San Francisco: by bike!

Hola everyone!

I’m going to tell you my experience about moving around San Francisco. When I first came to the city I used to use the public transportation all the time. I think the system is pretty good, and it works with a lot of frequency, but it is also a bit old, and sometimes you have to wait more than expected due to some technical problem.

After a while seeing a lot of people using their bike, I started to think about buying one on Craigslist. Yes, the first time that a friend told me that the best way to move around San Francisco was by bike, I also thought she was crazy, but now that I have been riding my bike for a few months, I totally agree.

Even though you could think as San Francisco as the last place to easily ride a bike because of it hills, you should now that there is a bike lane called ‘the wiggle’ that goes through the least hilly crosstown route. This makes things so much easier.

This is something relatively new in the city, so I should also say that people (cars) are not really used to it yet. But every day I see more people riding their bikes!

If you are planning to move here or just visiting for a few days, I would totally recommend you buying or renting a bike. It is not difficult to ride, but if you are not familiar with it, here you have some tips:

  • Wear a helmet
  • At night, white light on the front / red light on the back
  • Have a bell
  • Buy one or two good lockers, wheels are frequently stolen 🙁

And now you are ready to have fun while you move around the city!

Alejandro Alonso

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