My experience working in USA!

It´s been six months since my arrival and I must say that each day I learn something new. I can´t explain how thankful I am for this opportunity. It is a long way to go through and my first goal was learning how to do construction documents following their template. However, the most important thing was improving my English with technical word.

Working in the United states is a big challenge for me and that is what I enjoy most about my training program, because this is a chance to dare me to continue improving my architecture skill.

I remember my first project in the studio and how excited I felt. It was an interior renovation to a three-story existing apartment building and basement, multifamily dwelling with 64 units and it took me almost a week to do the construction documents. When I finished it, I couldn´t believe it. I had done a medium-size project and it was in English in just one week. Can you imagine how proud I felt of having succeeded?

The days passed and when I least expected it, we received the comment letter from the city, and my surprise was bigger when I realize the only comment, it was related to administrative issues. There was nothing related to architectural issue! I was so happy that day.

I am learning so much in this training program, living this experience is giving me much more than I imagined. I am gaining architectural knowledge, friends and a new perspective on life!

Gianina Aldazábal

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