New York is one step away!

After a few weeks of gathering documents, interviews, etc, I am now preparing for my flight. The process to get a J-1 Visa takes some time, but the people from Architect-US are very professional and will guide you through it. Bureaucracy is never fun but they make it as easy as possible.

I have been looking for an opportunity in the United States for some time already, since I have always been fascinated by some of the architecture produced on the other side of the Atlantic and by some of the major cities – like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, among others. From these I had a clear preference, the Big Apple.

When I applied for a job at Alloy, after nearly 4 years of living and working in the Netherlands, I was looking for a completely new challenge. I was particularly intrigued by Alloy’s work because they are not only an architectural office but also a real estate development company, allowing them to have full control over the process. How interesting is it to “rethink typical hierarchies between those in power and those in service”? More importantly, they were able to achieve high-quality architecture.

Beyond that, the office is located in the Dumbo area, in Brooklyn, so it is also located in the American city that fascinates me the most. As you can imagine at this point, the interview went well and they invited me to join the team. To be able to live in New York still feels like a dream and I expect to have an amazing experience both on the personal and professional level.

Marco Fonseca

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