The rapids attacks!

Seizing the Summer rafting

It was a beautiful Friday and the sun is up and about. It feels like it’s almost 90 degrees out and what a better way to enjoy it is a Company Outing. It was past noon, we changed our view from desktops to a beautiful black river and got our hands off the mouse and keyboard and get a tight grip on the knots and paddle to rafting .

We were composed of two rafting teams, eight people on the first draft and then we were seven on the second draft. Each of the rafts has their own rafting guide. The first few minutes were spent on how to handle and use the paddle and how to learn the techniques and ways to do this activity. It was a team effort, so it is very important that we all coincide with one another – and we did. The rafting lasted for two and a half hours and there were plenty of rapids that we passed through. We also swam in the river for a couple of times, in areas where it was allowed. After the adventure part of the trip, we ate barbeque, salad and drank beer to perfectly end the day.

It was my first time to try whitewater rafting and I could say that it was a memorable one simply because I was with the best group of people, perfect weather and delicious food to top it all. For a moment we forgot about work and we were all just enjoying the moment. It was a fun-filled day. We did seize the moment before summer bids goodbye.


Gessa Abriol

Filipino Architect.


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