Weekend trip to Santa Ana

I took a weekend trip to Santa Ana, a small city in South California that has an amazing food scene and great scenery.

In my last post, I talked about my weekend trip to Sacramento, the capital of California. I very much enjoyed escaping the busyness of San Francisco for a couple of days, so I decided I would try to have a similar experience every month. This last month, I went to Santa Ana.

Santa Ana is a little city in Orange County, California, only one hour away from San Francisco by plane. Since the flight was so short, I flew there right after work on a Friday, to try and profit of my weekend as much as possible.

I absolutely loved it! Not only I enjoyed very much the scenery (everything is extremely well maintained, beautifully designed and packed with gorgeous palm trees) but I also had a great time participating in one of their local events: Savor Santa Ana.

Savor Santa Ana is a yearly event aimed at foodies and culture lovers form all over California. Tens of restaurants in the city offer, for one night, a small sample of their regular cuisine in exchange for a small amount of money. This way, one can manage to try up to 20 different dishes from renown restaurants in the area, which are usually very well paired with the establishment’s drinks.

On this little weekend trip, I also had a chance to visit Balboa Island, a small artificial island in Newport Beach with a very iconic style and extremely expensive houses, often owned by actors and major celebrities. The view from there was absolutely beautiful, and I was greatly surprised to learn that they enjoyed nice summer-like weather all year around.

While there, I also tried their iconic Balboa Bar, a stick vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate that is usually covered in rainbow sprinkles and served on the street. Delicious!

Overall, Santa Ana was a great getaway for the weekend, and I would recommend visiting to anybody who’s looking for a beautiful beach city with an amazing food culture.

See you next month 馃檪

Alexandru Boboc

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