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Live Music in NYC

One of the great things about New York is when bands tour, they always play here!! so that ‘s why I decided to write this post dedicated to live music in NYC!

I love going to live music shows but never had many opportunities to in the small city where I went to university in Scotland. Now, when many of the bands I like announce a tour there is always a New York date and sometimes they even play multiple dates, at different venues. It has been cool to finally make seeing live a music a regular thing, and it has also been cool to see a bunch of different venues dedicated to live music in NYC. Some of my highlights include LCD Soundsystem, Franz Ferdinand and a local New Jersey band called The Vaughn’s.

My favorite gig, which I would like to focus this post on, was Frightened Rabbit (a Scottish indie band) at the Williamsburg Hall of Music. It was the 10 year anniversary tour of their album ‘Midnight Organ Fight’, which has long been one of my favorite albums. I have listened to the band since I was a teenager, and had seen them live once before but was really excited to see them play this album in its entirety. The venue was really intimate, which I like for gigs, and the crowd was amazing. Everyone knew every word and was really engrossed in the music which made the atmosphere electric. And of course- the band put on an incredible show. The songs ‘Poke’, and ‘The Loneliness of the Scream’ stand out in particular.

Sadly, this past week the lead singer of the band committed suicide which was heartbreaking news. His music meant so much, to so many people, including myself. My memory of the gig will forever be a special one.


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